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Injured Person Denied Benefits

What Injuries Qualify for Long Term Disability?

Long-term disability insurance generally starts when short-term disability insurance, sick leave benefits, and EI benefits end. Most LTD plans replace 60% to 70% of your normal income to go towards…

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Cariati Law Scholarship

Cariati Law Now Accepting Essays for 2021 College Scholarship Program

Cariati Law is pleased to announce our scholarship program to support high school and undergraduate students in Ontario. As personal injury lawyers, we work with individuals who have suffered from…

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Child Custody

Comparing Child Custody Types: What Are The Differences And How Will They Affect My Parental Rights?

Typically in a two-parent, intact family, both parents have legal decision-making authority. However, when a couple divorces or separates and have children together, they must make arrangements for child custody…

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employee fired

I Was Fired While On Long Term Disability, What Now?

I am receiving long term disability benefits, and my employer terminated my employment. What does this mean for me? Is It Illegal To Be Fired On Long Term Disability? The…

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driver with teacher

12 Essential Safety Tips for New Drivers And Their Parents

Getting your driver’s licence is an exciting step toward independence and adulthood, but it’s also a big responsibility. It’s essential that you balance your new-found freedom with caution and safe…

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Salary Cut

Can Your Employer Cut Your Pay

There is no general rule forbidding an employer proposing a pay cut. If imposed by the employer, however, it may equate to a constructive dismissal and entitle the employee to…

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Injured Woman

Can I Appeal My Decision If My LTD Benefits Were Denied?

Long Term Disability Insurance is intended to help protect you and your family by providing benefits that supplement your loss of income. Many injured or sick Canadians depend on these…

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Unsafe Workplace

What To Do If Your Workplace is Unsafe

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) gives most employees the right to refuse work that they believe is unsafe, but only in accordance with proper procedure. The OHSA sets out a…

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Cariati Law Toronto, Ontario Injury Lawyers Car Accident

Driving In the Winter: Essential Tips for Being Prepared and Staying Safe

Heavy holiday travel and snowy or icy winter conditions can be a dangerous combination when it comes to staying safe behind the wheel. In December and January, automobile accidents increase…

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Long Term Disability

How Long Does a Long-Term Disability Claim Take?

All long term-disability plans have a waiting period, which means your payments won’t start right away. But when will you begin to see your benefits? Read below to find out….

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