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Car accident injury claim $1,400,000 recovery by Cariati Law, Ontario's leading car accident injury law firm.

Why You Need Top Auto Injury Lawyers

Here is a real-life case scenario from one of our auto injury lawyers. Our client Matteo was 32 years old when the accident changed his life forever. He worked at…

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understanding slip and fall injury claims

Important Information About Slip and Fall Accidents in Ontario

Slip and fall accidents happen frequently in Ontario, Canada, and can lead to severe injuries with lasting consequences. Whether strolling down the street, shopping in a mall or simply visiting…

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Experienced car accident law firm Toronto

When You Have a Serious Injury Claim

Dealing with injuries after an accident can be difficult, painful, and stressful. It is even more so when you have to file an insurance claim and prove that the accident…

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understanding wrongful death claims in Ontario, Canada.

What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Ontario?

Wrongful death is a terrible tragedy that affects everyone it touches. Losing a loved one in an accident is a traumatic and complex experience. In many cases, families are often…

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The number of bicycle accidents happening in Ontario every year is alarming. Understanding why they happen can significantly reduce the risk of being injured in one.

How to Avoid a Bicycle Accident

As a cyclist, it’s easy to love the joys of riding your bike on Canada’s beautiful roads and bike paths. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can happen to anyone at any time….

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18 wheeler truck accident lawyer ontario, canada

The Top 10 Reasons for Tractor Trailer Accidents

Ontario’s busy roadways see an alarming number of tractor-trailer accidents each year, resulting in significant injuries and death. Navigating insurance claims for truck accidents is complex compared to regular car accidents. That’s why having an experienced personal injury lawyer with experience in large truck injury claims can make all the difference.

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Pedestrian accident lawyer Toronto

Protect Your Rights After a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately becoming more common in our fast-paced society. When seriously injured, navigating the legal system can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s where experienced personal injury lawyers like Cariati Law come in. At Cariati Law, our experienced personal injury lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those injured by negligence.

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Serious head injury and head trauma accidents should be handled by a traumatic brain injury lawyer.

The Top 5 Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries have become a chronic health issue in Ontario, Canada. Statistics from the Canadian Institute for Health Information reveal that over 20,000 people are hospitalized annually due to brain…

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5 reasons why you should hire a car accident lawyer to handle your car accident claim.

Get the Support You Need After a Serious Car Accident. 

Negligent drivers are the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in Ontario each year. Distracted driving and drunk driving alone put thousands of Canadians at risk. Unfortunately, car accidents can happen for many reasons – drowsy driving or speeding are just a few examples. If you or a loved one is seriously injured in a car accident, you can depend on Cariati Law.

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In Ontario, it is illegal to use any handheld mobile device while driving. However, despite these laws, the province witnessed a 19% increase in charges for distracted driving between 2019 and 2020, with teenage drivers being a significant demographic.

Prepare Your Teen Driver for Success on The Road

In Ontario, Canada, car accidents due to distracted driving have become all too common. Research from the Hamilton Police Service indicates that nearly 30% of collisions in their jurisdiction are due to driver distraction.

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Have you been the target of workplace sexual harassment? Cariati Law is here to help. Call us at 905-629-8040 for a free, confidential consultation.

Know the Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a significant and persistent problem in workplaces across Ontario. Many employees are subjected to unwanted sexual advances that negatively impact their mental health, well-being, and productivity.

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Cariati Law protects the rights of Ontario employees every day. If you have an employment law issue, call us for help.

Get Advice From Our Experienced Employment Lawyers 

Employment challenges can arise in any workplace, regardless of industry or position. As an experienced employment law firm in Ontario, we’ve represented clients in various careers and backgrounds. From truck…

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A motorcycle accident can happen to anyone; when it does, it can be a life-changing experience. So, how can Cariati Law help you when injured in a motorcycle accident? Our team of experienced accident lawyers will guide you every step of the way. We'll work hard to ensure you get the financial compensation and support you need.

How to Navigate Insurance After a Motorcycle Accident!

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious and even fatal injuries. The most serious types of injuries that occur from a motorcycle accident include brain injury, spinal cord injury, fractures, internal organ damage, and severe lacerations.

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Keep your little ones safe by using the right child car seat.

How To Select The Best Child Safety Car Seat

When it comes to keeping your little ones safe while on the road, car seats and other restraints are an absolute must. Every parent wants their children to be as protected as possible in the event of a crash or sudden stop, so choosing the right seat is very important.

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slip and fall accident lawyers Toronto

Do You Have a Slip and Fall Injury Claim?

At Cariati Law, we understand the challenges that an unexpected injury can bring. Our personal injury lawyers fight on behalf of those injured in Ontario accidents. Call us for help at 905-629-8040.

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Motor collisions were responsible for the highest number of casualties, with speeding and distracted driving being named as the main causes of these accidents. Sadly, at least one person died every day due to vehicle or boating-related incidents that were investigated by the OPP.

Five Important Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

It was a tragic year for many families in Ontario as the death toll from motor vehicle and marine incidents rose to 423+ in 2022. Motor collisions were responsible for the highest number of casualties, with speeding and distracted driving being named as the main causes of these accidents.

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You Need an Experienced Injury Lawyer After Your Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is bad enough, but when you’re seriously injured, your world can change overnight. Physical pain, emotional trauma, mounting medical bills, and lost wages can leave…

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Celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th, Toronto Canada.

Celebrate Equality for all Women on  March 8th.

What is International Women’s Day, and why is it celebrated? International Women’s Day has been celebrated since 1911 and is a day dedicated to recognizing the social, economic, political, and…

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Traumatic brain injury claims require hiring the right law firm in Ontario, Canada.

How to Choose a Lawyer for a Traumatic Head Injury Claim?

At Cariati Law, we understand insurance claims and negotiate with insurance carriers every day. We’re highly experienced in understanding all the costs associated with a severe head injury car accident claim.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious problem throughout Ontario, Canada.

Sexual Harassment at Work? You’re Not Alone

Have you ever felt like you were being sexually harassed at work? It’s a feeling no one should have to live with ever. If you do, it’s important to know…

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wrongful dismissal claims Ontario, Canada

Learn About Wrongful Dismissal Claims in Ontario, Canada.

If you have been fired from your employment, there is a good chance that you have been wrongfully dismissed and are owed more money. Most dismissed employees will be entitled to more than these minimum amounts. Sometimes, they will be entitled to significantly more. 

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If your long-term disability benefits have been denied, don't panic just yet. Call the experienced Long term disability lawyers at Cariati Law. We'll listen to your story and let you know if we can help achieve approval for your benefits.

The Most Important Facts About Long-Term Disability Benefits

Long-term disability (LTD) benefits are a form of insurance for people who can no longer work due to an illness or injury. LTD benefits can provide financial support while a…

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We’re grateful and humbled by another Cariati Law 5-star Review.

We’re grateful and humbled by another Cariati Law 5-star Review. “My mom was in a car accident. We were advised to call Cariati Law by a relative. We are so glad we did.
I highly recommend Cariati Law to anyone who needs a personal injury law firm in Ontario.”

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Another 5 star client review for Cariati Law firm, top injury law firm Ontario, Canada

Your Cariati Law Five-Star Review Means Everything to us.

Our injury and disability lawyers, law clerks, and staff bring 100% commitment to every client. We’re here when you need us, ready to fight to protect your rights. Call us at 905-629-8040 for a free consultation.

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What You Need to Know About Defective Metal Hip Implants?

Has Your Hip Implant Been Recalled After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Many brands of metal hip implants have been recalled due to a defect in the medical device. Hip replacement surgery is a common procedure that can relieve pain and restore your hip function. 

However, many metal-on-metal hip implant devices that were sold to hospitals throughout Canada have been recalled due to being defective and breaking down.

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Life insurance benefits denied?

Has Your Life Insurance Claim Been Denied?

People often rely on life insurance benefits to help make up for the financial losses they experience after the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, life insurance companies sometimes deny valid claims, leaving families struggling to make ends meet.

At Cariati Law, we fight to get life insurance claim denials overturned. We have years of experience helping families get the benefits they deserve after losing a loved one. We understand what you are going through and are here to help.

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The Challenge of Living With an Invisible Disability

Often you may not know that someone is struggling with an invisible disability like Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Depression, MS, or even mental illness. Employers and business owners should take special…

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Dangerous Snowmobile Fuel Leak Can Cause Risk of Fire

If you purchased a Ski-Doo snowmobile 2022 model, you might have a defective fuel injector hose. Please follow the recall instructions if you have purchased a Bombardier Recreational Product Skidoo listed below.

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Helpful Information for Safe Motorcycle Riding

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident by a negligent driver, call Cariati Law for help. Our personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling motorcycle accident claims and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Are You Unable to Work Because of Depression?

Depression is a severe mood disorder that affects more than 5% of Canadians. It’s associated with ongoing and persistent feelings of sadness or loss of interest. Major depressive disorder, also known as “depression,” can impact a person’s ability to work, have healthy relationships, and live a happy life.

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Do you Know These Safe Boating Tips for Ontarians?

This is a wonderful blog on boating safety in Ontario, Canada. Great tips and suggestions to keep your family and friends safe while boating.

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What to Know About Wrongful Dismissal Claims in Ontario, Canada

The terms “wrongful dismissal” and “wrongful termination” are legal terms commonly used following a termination of employment without cause or without reasonable notice. Sometimes, understanding if your termination was done…

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Important Notice: Drunk Driving Accidents Increase among Canadian Drivers

Drunk driving is a major problem in Canada, and it is important to be aware of the risks before getting behind the wheel. Every year, thousands of people are killed…

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Did You Know That Preventable Accidents Cost Canada $29 Billion Annually?

Preventable injuries are a significant issue in Canada, costing the economy more than $29 billion annually. This number includes $20.4 billion in direct healthcare costs alone. When a person sustains a preventable injury, the human cost brings not only diminished health and medical concerns, the pain and suffering can often feel as significant as the physical pain.

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Speeding in Mississauga Will Land You With Big Fines

Speeding in Mississauga will get you a big ticket.

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Helpful Information Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Did you know that traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of death and disability in Canada? Brain Injury Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness about the risks…

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Enter the College Scholarship Essay Program

The Cariati Law College Scholarship Essay Program deadline has been extended to Friday, June 10th. If you are a college student or entering an accredited college or university in Ontario,…

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What You Need to Know About Pedestrian Accidents.

Being outside, enjoying an afternoon walk, or just strolling around the city exploring can be fun and relaxing. When you’re walking around, most people don’t think about the possibility of…

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Let’s Pay Tribute to all Nurses in Canada.

As we come to the last day of National Nursing Week, let’s all pay tribute to the wonderful, and selfless work all nurses do every day. A little trivia, does…

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Important Information About Hiring an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer.

Suffering a personal injury can be one of the most confusing and frightening experiences of your life, especially if your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence. To hire a top injury lawyer in Ontario, call Cariati Law today at 905-629-8040 for a free consultation.

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Five Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth!

Did you know that every day we make choices that have an impact on the earth? It can be overwhelming to try and think of ways we can save the…

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Results From Canada’s National Impaired Driving Week

The annual National Impaired Driving Week has wrapped up, and the results are in! This one-week impaired driver study shows that 3% of the drivers investigated were driving impaired. Of…

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Sign up to “Take the Pledge Peel” by Peel Regional Police Road Safety Services

We wanted to shout out to the Peel Regional Police for the great work they do every day in our community. PRP has a wonderful program that promotes road safety…

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How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Law Firm.

No matter how safe and careful we all try to be, accidents happen. That’s just a sad fact of life. But what you do after suffering a serious injury from…

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Information for Car Accident Victims About Spinal Cord Injuries.

If a car accident caused your spinal cord injury, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. These cases are complex, and you need someone who understands the intricacies of the law to get the best outcome for you.

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It’s International Women’s Day Today!

Every day we are surrounded by inspiring women, but often their stories go unheard. Around the world, women are still fighting for their rights. In some countries, women can’t own…

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Important Winter Driving Tips for Ontario Canada

Almost 30% of all car accidents in Ontario happen in icy and snowy weather conditions. The statistics indicate that car accidents caused by slippery winter conditions include about 50,000 car…

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Join us in Honoring Black History Month

Each year, during the month of February, people across Canada take the time to celebrate Black History Month. This is a time to reflect on the important contributions that black…

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Happy Lunar New Year

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy lunar new year.

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Be Safe this Holiday Season

Cariati Law would like to wish you a safe and healthy holiday season! As we celebrate the joy of the holidays, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Our…

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Is Your Mental Health Affecting Your Ability to Work in Ontario?

Your mental health can be affected by many factors depending on what is going on in your life. When experiencing difficult situations, it is challenging to balance work, life, family,…

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Recipients of the 2021 Cariati Law College Scholarship

Cariati Law would like to congratulate the recipients of the 2021 Cariati Law College Scholarship Essay Program. We would also like to thank the Dufferin County Canadian Black Association (DCCBA)…

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Mother and son practicing safe boating on a lake

10 Tips for Safe Boating

Besides smiles, sunshine and sunscreen, the key to having a great season on the lake this summer is boating safety. Getting out on the water with friends and family is…

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Essure Birth Control & Filing A Bayer Essure Lawsuit

Since its FDA approval in 2001, thousands of women have experienced serious medical complications from the Essure birth control medical device. Labeled as the world’s only non-surgical permanent birth control…

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