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30 Jun 2020
Car Accident

Top Mistakes to Avoid at the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be extremely jarring. Although such accidents occur frequently, often times those involved do not know how to handle the situation when they…

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26 May 2020
Business Closed due to COVID

What to do When Your Business Interruption Claim for COVID-19 Has Been Denied

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated government-imposed restrictions have caused many businesses to experience a dramatic loss of revenue.  As a business owner you are likely coping with feelings of fear…

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23 Apr 2020
Social Media Likes

Social Media – What Personal Injury Plaintiffs Need to Know

We often look to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as outlets for self-expression, sharing both the good and the bad. Using social media can help us to feel…

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28 Feb 2020
Hit and Run Accident Mississauga

What To Do After a Hit-And-Run

Any accident can be terrifying but a hit-and-run accident can be more overwhelming. For victims of hit-and-run accidents all is not lost. You still have some options available to you…

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13 Feb 2020
Driver Simulation

DriverLab Simulations Aim to Find Solutions to Safety Concerns in Toronto

Under the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute on University Avenue is a world of virtual reality. The DriverLab simulator, which is part of the hospital’s Challenging Environment Assessment Lab (CEAL) program, works…

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28 Jan 2020
Ride Hailing Toronto

Toronto Implements New Laws for Ridesharing Services

With so many people using ridesharing services such as Uber every day, it was only a matter of time before more stringent laws were implemented. Earlier this month Toronto’s newest…

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10 Jan 2020
Ice Hockey Safety Ontario

What to Know About TBIs in Hockey and Winter Sports

Each day 452 people suffer a concussion in Canada; that is one person every three minutes. Unsurprisingly, children are often susceptible to these types of injuries as they often engage…

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20 Dec 2019
Drinking and Driving

Holiday Season Leads to Increased Drunk Driving

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and celebration. But while a little bit of indulging is just fine, sometimes people can take things too far. While this…

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19 Dec 2019
Pedestrians in Crosswalk Toronto

Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Toronto

Crossing the road can be dangerous for anyone, but for seniors on the streets of Toronto it has proven downright deadly. Over the past year at least 37 pedestrians have…

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13 Dec 2019
Car Safety Features Toronto

Nearly Half of All Canadians Say Driver Technology May Prove Dangerous

Technology continues to afford us the ability to make rapid progress across just about all industries, and the automotive industry has been no exception. While seat belts and airbags were…

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