Water Safety

10 Jan 2020
Ice Hockey Safety Ontario

What to Know About TBIs in Hockey and Winter Sports

Each day 452 people suffer a concussion in Canada; that is one person every three minutes. Unsurprisingly, children are often susceptible to these types of injuries as they often engage…

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12 Jul 2017
Cariati Law Toronto, Ontario Lawyers Boating Accident Serious Injury

Did You Know That Ontario Drowning Fatalities are Increasing at Alarming Rates?

With warm weather here to stay, drowning fatalities continue to rise in Ontario. There have been 54 drowning’s in Ontario this year – 3 of which occurred in just the…

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03 Aug 2016
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Proper Pool and Water Safety is Extremely Important During the Summer

Residents of the Greater Toronto Area are lucky to be surrounded with an abundance of beautiful lakes and rivers, as well as many private and public pools. As we enter…

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