Important Information on Car Accident Claims in Ontario, Canada.

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Car accident injury insurance claims in Canada should be handled by an experienced Ontario car accident lawyer. At Cariati Law, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of those suffering from catastrophic injuries and loss as a result of negligent drivers.

Have you been injured in a car accident?
Are you wondering what to do next and where to turn for legal advice?
Will the insurance company be fair in settling your accident claim?
Are you sure that someone else is looking out for your best interests?

Cariati Law understands that these are tough questions, especially when you are dealing with the stress, pain and financial burden of injuries related to a car, motorcycle, truck or bike accident. The effects of a serious car accident injury can be devastating and long-lasting, not only for the injured party but also for the entire family. The injury lawyers at Cariati Law will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for your personal injury case.

How do I negotiate with the insurance company after an auto accident?

The auto accident injury lawyers at Cariati Law handle car accident claims every day. Thousands of drivers suffer serious or even fatal injuries in traffic accidents and collisions in Ontario every year.

After an accident, the last thing you need is the runaround from your insurance company runaround.

When injured in a collision, you need Cariati Law on your side. There is no such thing as a “simple auto accident.” The moment you hear the crunching of metal and the shattering of glass, your life changes. You have medical bills, lost wages due to prolonged recovery, car repairs and other expenses, you need help fast.

The Canadian Government Health Insurance Plans severely limit the amount of coverage outside Canada; Ontario Health Insurance Plans only cover up to a maximum of $400 CAD per day.

Cariati Law personal injury & disability lawyers are experienced in motor vehicle accident claims for the Canadian commuter both within and outside the borders of Canada. When you’ve been injured in a car accident, in or outside of Ontario, Canada, don’t go at it alone. Let the Toronto car accident injury lawyers at Cariati Law help you.

Call us right away at 905-629-8040, and we will provide you with a FREE, confidential, and no-obligation consultation about your case. At Cariati Law, we will review every detail of your case and fight to secure you maximum compensation for your injuries. You deserve straight answers about your case, and the experienced lawyers at Cariati Law can give them to you. 

The “Cariati Law Promise” means you never have to pay any lawyer’s fee up front. In fact, we only get paid after you do. And if there is no recovery, there is no lawyer’s fee. It’s that simple. We’re here to work hard for you and to make sure that your rights are fully protected.

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