How to qualify for Long Term Disability Benefits

What Types of Disabilities Are Covered Under My LTD Insurance?

Every LTD policy is different, and your insurer will closely examine your medical diagnosis to see if you meet the requirements set out in your policy to receive LTD benefits.

Common Medical Conditions Covered by LTD Insurance

Some common medical conditions that may qualify for long-term disability benefits include:

·  Arthritis   ·  Heart Disease
·  Back/Spinal Problems   ·  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
·  Bipolar Mood Disorder   ·  Knee Disorders
·  Cancer   ·  Lupus
·  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   ·  Lyme Disease
·  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   ·  Multiple Sclerosis
·  Chronic Pain   ·  Neck/Cervical Disorders
·  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome   ·  Neurological Disorders
·  Crohn’s Disease   ·  Sleep Disorders
·  Depression   ·  Vestibular Disorders
·  Fibromyalgia   ·  Visual Disorders
·  Headaches and Migraines    

It’s important to hire a disability lawyer to help you

Fighting for your long-term disability benefits on your own can be an isolating and discouraging experience. A disability law firm can offer you a strong, supportive, and empathetic team of legal professionals dedicated to your case.

They can help you gather all the necessary medical records and documents to build a strong case. Their team of experts can help you understand the intricacies of the legal system you might find overwhelming on your own.

Knowledge and Experience in the Appeals Process

Even with an excellent application, there is sometimes a chance for your claim to be denied. Receiving a denial letter can be demoralizing. But don’t worry, a disability law firm can help you appeal your denial.

Their knowledge of the appeals process and the legal requirements for a successful appeal is vital. The law firm has experienced appeal attorneys that can help you file your appeal on time and ensure all the rules and regulations of the process are followed to maximize your chance of success in the appeal process.

A Better Chance of Success

Many people cannot afford to get the time off work to go and apply or appeal their denied benefits claim. There is a lack of time, and it can be exhausting to fight for one’s legal rights. With a disability law firm, you increase your chances of getting approved for your long-term disability benefits significantly. With correct legal representation, you can receive your long-term disability benefits with ease.

How Long Does Long Term Disability Coverage Last?

Although each long-term disability insurance plan is different, most policies provide LTD benefits for a period of up to two years should you remain unable to return to the job that you were in at the time that you became disabled.   After two years, the test for disability often changes such that to qualify, you must be unable to perform the duties of any job for which you are reasonably qualified (regardless of availability). 

Long-term disability insurance benefits usually begin once short-term disability insurance, sick leave benefits from your employer, and/or Employment Insurance sickness benefits end. Most long-term disability plans will replace 60 to 70 percent of your regular income.

Man on wheelchair reading long term disability papers

Long Term Disability Benefit Exclusions

Many LTD policies have “exclusions”, which your insurer may try to rely upon to deny you benefits, even if you would otherwise be covered.

The most common exclusions pertain to pre-existing conditions, i.e. medical conditions which affected you prior to you being covered by the policy.  Sometimes these exclusions will only apply for the first two years you are covered by the policy.

Every policy is different, and the wording of these exclusion clauses can be tricky, even for trained professionals.   You need competent representation to ensure that you are being treated fairly. 

Cariati Law Can Help

If you or a loved one has been denied long-term disability benefits, it is difficult to know where to start. That’s why it is so important to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable Ontario disability lawyer.  Contact a disability lawyer at Cariati Law today. Call 905-629-8040 for a free consultation.

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