The Top 10 Reasons for Tractor Trailer Accidents

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Ontario’s busy roadways see an alarming number of tractor-trailer accidents each year, resulting in significant injuries and death. Many factors contribute to these accidents, some of which are out of the truck drivers’ control.

Many big truck accidents could be prevented with improved vehicle maintenance, adherence to safety protocols, and better training. Understanding the factors that increase the risk of tractor-trailer accidents is crucial to prevent them.

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What are the top reasons why there are so many tractor-trailer accidents on Ontario’s roadways?

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1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a significant contributor to accidents among both truck drivers and car drivers. Texting, talking on the phone, grooming, or reaching for something in the vehicle can take your eyes off the road, leading to a collision.

In recent years, technology has provided innovative solutions to curb distracted driving among truck drivers. However, industry-wide regulations are still necessary to enforce safety policies and avoid accidents.

2. Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers often have to maintain long hours of driving. This can lead to fatigue and exhaustion, which can impair the driver’s decision-making and reaction time. The National Transportation Safety Board identifies fatigue as a leading cause of trucking accidents nationwide.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation mandates a logbook for drivers to record their hours of service. Unfortunately, drivers may not always follow these regulations, leading to fatigue and error.

3. Lack of Training

Driving license requirements and certification criteria fall at various levels across the nation. Training and education for truck drivers differ across provinces and may be insufficient to provide the necessary skills for safe driving.

Inadequate training can lead to significant problems on the road. An inexperienced and unprepared driver behind the wheel of a hi-tech, large-scale truck is dangerous.

tractor trailer tires blew when driving because the tires were run down, with no tread

4. Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Like other vehicles, tractor-trailers require regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that they are roadworthy. Brakes, tires, and other crucial mechanical components must be checked and replaced when necessary.

Trucking companies are primarily responsible for their maintenance, but many of them skip or postpone regular maintenance to minimize costs. This leads to dangerous situations and accidents on the roads.

5. Overloaded Trailers

Overloading a trailer beyond the recommended specification is also a leading cause of accidents on the road. When carriers overload a truck, the extra weight can affect the driver’s control over the vehicle.

This adds pressure on the brakes, tires, and suspension. Which can lead to emergency braking leading to the separation of the vehicle into two. Overloaded cargo can alter truck handling and could be a recipe for disaster on the highway.

6. External Factors

Weather and other external factors contribute immensely to the risk of tractor-trailer accidents. Heavy rain, fog, and snow can make driving conditions hazardous, while roadwork, construction, and accidents on the road can slow down traffic and increase the probability of an accident.

Rapid weather changes sometimes require recalculations and adaptation of driving style, an aspect that unprepared drivers may struggle with.

7. Driver Aggression

Aggressive driving is among the most unsafe driving habits on Ontario roads. Speeding, tailgating, and making swift lane changes can cause accidents in mere seconds.

Aggressive driver behavior could result from stress, lack of sleep, consumption of psycho-motor altering substances, and conflicts on the road. Companies must ensure that their drivers are not forced into unrealistic schedules that make them aggressive and prone to accidents.

8. Time Pressure

Truck drivers work on a tight schedule, and time pressure can motivate drivers to push beyond the safe limits to meet delivery deadlines. This kind of pressure undermines safe driving attitudes, leading to reckless driving, fatigue, and law violations.

The elimination of this kind of pressure would significantly reduce the number of accidents on Ontario’s highways.

9. Poor Hiring Practices

The trucking industry often faces labour shortages, and companies may lack adequate resources to conduct efficient background checks and drug screening. This can lead to the employment of drivers with a history of accidents, drug or alcohol abuse, or other violations.

Hiring drivers with a poor track record can lead to a significant danger to other drivers on the road.

10. Vehicle Defects

Tractor-trailers are machines that require carefully primed and calibrated parts. Few things can go wrong if the manufacturer does not assemble the parts correctly and truckers do not inspect their vehicles.

Defective brakes, tires, engines, or suspensions can cause accidents that are entirely out of the driver’s control. Regular mechanical inspections and reporting of vehicle defects can prevent accidents.

Trucking companies need to take steps to prevent tractor trailer accidents

Truck accidents can result in life-changing injuries and devastating financial consequences. Understanding the factors that lead to these accidents can help prevent them.

With better education and awareness, trucking companies can take steps to prevent accidents. When injured in an accident involving semi-truck, the insurance company will try to pay as little as possible.

When filing an Ontario car accident claim, it is crucial to consider several important factors. These factors include lost income, the severity of the injuries, and the level of pain and suffering endured. One of our Ontario truck accident lawyers will evaluate all the damages of your claim. They will fight to win you the financial recovery your case deserves.

We all need to follow safe driving habits when sharing the road with big vehicles. Let us work together to keep Ontario’s roads safe for all users.

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