Recent Results

The following are real life clients that we have represented. The identity of our clients is being withheld due to privacy concerns. Although these are real life examples of the problems our clients face after a devastating injury, each client’s injuries and situation are different and require a skilled personal injury lawyer to represent their rights to the fullest.

Vehicle Injury – Orthopaedic Injury to Low Back, Aggravation of Existing Knee Injury

Our client, a 61 year-old male, was injured when his sedan was rear-ended at low speed by a dump truck. Our client suffered an injury to his lumbar spine, and an aggravation of his pre-existing knee condition which required outpatient surgery. As a consequence of the accident our client was forced to leave his job as a financial professional and accept early retirement. Through zealous negotiation we were able to secure a sizable settlement for our client, in order to ensure that he will be financially secure in his retirement. We were able to achieve this settlement directly with the defendant’s insurance company, without the need for litigation.

Motorcycle Accident – Head Injury, Orthopedic Injury to Leg - Settlement: $1,100,000

Our client, a 55 year old male, was out riding his motorcycle when a moose came out of nowhere and hit him on his bike. Our client suffered a head injury, orthopedic injury to his leg and other injuries. We got the insurance company to deem our client catastrophically impaired, and were able to secure him a large lump sum payment of medical benefits and attendant care benefits.

Pedestrian Accident – Hit by Vehicle in Crosswalk

Our client was severely injured in a car accident as she was walking to work. She crossed at a pedestrian crosswalk, when the defendant, making a left turn in his vehicle, hit her. She sustained severe injuries including two broken knees, a broken elbow, and torn ligaments. The defendant’s insurer unreasonably refused to fairly compensate our client for her injuries, arguing they were not severe and that she was going to retire from her job of 20 years, regardless of the accident. The defendant’s insurer forwarded these arguments, despite the existence of x-rays and MRI’s proving our client’s injuries and the evidence of the employer who stated that she was not retiring.  With the assistance of Cariati Law, our client was able to obtain a very significant damages and future loss of income award.

Vehicle Accident – Other Driver Ignored Traffic Light

Our client was injured in a car accident when another driver ignored a traffic light and struck our client’s car in a “t-bone” fashion. His body was violently jerked from side to side, and now suffers from chronic back pain.  He had to stop working because of the accident. Our client was near retirement age at the time of the accident, but he loved his job and had no intention of retiring before the car accident occurred. Cariati Law was successful in obtaining full and fair compensation for him, including a significant amount for his future income loss.

Vehicle Accident – Pregnant Mother Injured

Our Client suffered soft tissue injuries arising from a motor vehicle accident. She was pregnant at the time of the accident and ultimately lost her baby. She was a single mother and despite her injuries, continued working at a local restaurant chain. After Cariati Law issued the lawsuit, the “at fault” driver’s insurance company, the adjuster and their lawyer took the position that our client’s injuries were not significant, because she had continued working. Her evidence at discovery was that her manager gave her extra breaks throughout the workday after the accident and her co-workers helped her to lift heavy items. We maintained that while our client continued to work, she was only able to hold on to her job because she had been employed at the same place for a number of years and was well liked by colleagues and management. Out in the work world, she would be clearly disadvantaged by her injuries. In the end, Cariati Law obtained a very good settlement for our client, an amount that represented more than 2 years of her salary.

Vehicle Accident – Personal Support Worker Unable To Work

Our client suffered injuries arising from a motor vehicle accident. She was experiencing persistent mechanical back pain. After the car accident, she was unable to return to work. An x-ray revealed degenerative changes and potential nerve damage, but it was unclear if the nerve damage was pre-existing. She worked as a Personal Support Worker with disabled and often heavier adults. Her pre-existing medical record included complaints of prior back pain, but we maintained that while she had occasional back pain, she was able to continue working all along. Once we issued the lawsuit, and before the insurance company appointed a lawyer, Cariati Law secured a six-figure settlement for our client. The settlement amount reflected that our client would not likely be able to return to her pre-accident job as a Personal Support Worker.

Vehicle Accident – Client Develops Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our client was injured in a relatively minor impact motor vehicle accident. The other driver had negligently backed out of a plaza parking lot, causing our client to rear-end the defendant’s vehicle. Although there was only minor damage to both vehicles, our client’s arms were extended on the steering wheel at the time of the impact. Due to our client’s body position, she sustained serious injuries to her wrist and arm, which later developed into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. With the help of medical doctors, our firm was able to convince the insurance company that our client’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was caused by the car accident and Cariati Law secured a large compensation for our client.