Defective Products

When you buy a product such as a stroller or space heater, the last thing you expect is for it to cause a defective product injury to you or a family member. Safety and reliability are important concerns in all products, from prescription drugs to tires and lawn mowers. Whether it’s an expensive reputable brand or a budget line, the same rule applies: Design and quality standards must ensure safety.

Unfortunately, corporations that design, manufacture and market the products we use make mistakes, leading to serious injury and even death. By putting profits before safety, corporations are producing products that are dangerous and unsafe, thereby unfairly placing the trusting consumer in harm’s way.

No one deserves to be put at risk because of a dangerous or defective product.

The Ontario, Canada defective product lawyers at Cariati Law represent individuals harmed by defective products.If you think a defective product may have caused the injury or death of a loved one, contact an Ontario, Canada defective product lawyer at Cariati Law to protect your rights. We want to help you hold these careless manufacturers accountable for the unsafe products they market to the unsuspecting public.

A few product types involving defects or recalls:

• Talcum Powder Cancer
• Transvaginal Mesh
• Hernia Mesh Implants
• Many Prescription Drugs
• Certain Vehicles/Vehicle Parts/Truck Tires
• Medical Devices and Equipment
• Prosthetics
• Baby Strollers
• Playpens
• Space heaters
• Other household items

For more information, please visit the Consumer Product Safety page.

The faster a new product is introduced to the public, the sooner the manufacturer will profit from its sale. Unfortunately, to generate profits more quickly, some companies cut corners during a product’s development and safety testing process. This explains why so many dangerous, defective products harm and kill thousands each year. Corporations have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe for consumer use.

Products are considered defective if they have:

• Dangerous or defective design
• Insufficient instructions or warnings
• Improper construction
• Asbestos contamination
• Faulty machinery or parts
• Mechanical defects

Examples of Recent Defective Products:

ReNu Contact Lenses Solution. Approximately 30 million Americans and Canadians enjoy the benefits of soft contact lenses. So when ReNu with MoistureLoc, a Bausch & Lomb product, was causing adverse reactions by users, the FDA had to get involved.

DePuy Hip Replacements. With 93,000 DePuy hip replacement units in patients, DePuy had to issue a Product Recall of Defective ASR Hip Implants, which will cause over 11,000 people to have their implants removed and replaced.

Vehicle Rollover. Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, are a convenient and popular mode of transportation for millions of Americans and Canadians. Unfortunately, these vehicles are highly susceptible to rollover, causing more deaths than any other type of vehicle.

Orthopedic Implants. In their efforts to capitalize on a lucrative and expanding market, manufacturers have rushed orthopedic products to market without adequate testing or kept obsolete products on the market when safer and better products become available. In many instances, patients and their doctors were not informed of risks or misled and were denied adequate information to make informed decisions about their medical options. As a result, patients have been injured by products that they would not otherwise have accepted.

Heart Devices. Heart devices have been in the news lately because of product failures that have led to several deaths. Class actions and individual claims are arising out of these failures. On June 24, 2005, Guidant recalled about 60,000 additional units with defibrillator flaws and 28,000 pacemakers, which gradually fell apart causing the device to fail. Guidant, a spin-off from Merck & Co. had revenue of $3.8 billion in 2004.

Lawn Mowers. Recently there have been a number of cases involving back-over injuries sustained by children from riding lawn mowers. The design defect in these products is that they allow the operator to reverse the mower. While the “power take-off” is engaged and the blades remain turning, children are affected the most by this design defect. The industry is well aware of this problem but not all are compliant. Approximately 9,400 children receive emergency treatment annually from lawn mower-related injuries.

Children’s Toys. Numerous injuries to children are caused every day by products specifically marketed for them. For instance, some toys present choking hazards because they are small enough to fit into a young child’s mouth. Crib gyms have been responsible for strangulation. Projectiles and other weapons have resulted in puncture wounds, eye injuries, and death.

Recreational equipment dangers include those from above-ground pools, athletic helmets, bicycles, and playground equipment.

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