Learn About Tavern Liability and Dram Shop Claims

Is a bar, tavern or restaurant liable for your alcohol-related injury?

Drunk driving accidents are not always the sole responsibility of the individual who was driving under the influence. Bars and restaurants can also be held accountable for over-serving alcohol to patrons who later cause drunk driving accidents. Dram shop laws say that a bar that serves alcohol to someone who is already visibly intoxicated is liable for injuries that the patron causes to another.

Cariati Law injury & disability lawyers aggressively protect the rights of individuals and families who are victims of alcohol-related crashes. The Ontario, Canada DUI lawyers at Cariati Law will gather witnesses, obtain the toxicologist, pharmacologist and police reports, and then investigate the entire accident. Our dram shop litigation lawyers in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton have extensive experience working with clients who have been injured in alcohol-related accidents.

Bars and restaurants in Ontario may be liable when they over-serve alcohol to patrons that drive.

When a driver gets behind the wheel, they are responsible for the safety of both the passengers in their car as well as other motorists on the roads. Bars and restaurants in Ontario may be liable when they over-serve alcohol to patrons that drive. While selling liquor to an obviously intoxicated person represents the most common dram shop violation, the illegal sale of intoxicating beverages can take other forms, such as:

  • Selling alcohol without a license to do so
  • Selling alcohol after hours, or
  • Selling alcohol to a minor

Our dram shop litigation lawyers in Toronto Mississauga and Hamilton can help you determine if a dram shop violation played a role in your car, van, motorcycle or bicycle accident. If you have been injured because of a drunk driver, Cariati Law injury & disability lawyers of Ontario, Canada can help. Each and every Ontario, Canada injury & disability lawyer at our firm is innovative, highly experienced and result-oriented when serving the diverse legal needs of our clients. Our lawyers are committed to protecting your rights. When injured, make one call to Cariati Law.

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