Did You Know That Preventable Accidents Cost Canada $29 Billion Annually?

Preventable injuries are a significant issue in Canada, costing the economy more than $29 billion annually. This number includes $20.4 billion in direct healthcare costs alone. When a person sustains a preventable injury, the human cost brings not only diminished health and medical concerns, the pain and suffering can often feel as significant as the physical pain.

An interesting data point is that “falls” accounted for $10.3 billion in preventable injuries cost to the Canadian economy. More than 42,000 slip and fall accidents happen in Canada each year, causing injury and, sometimes, even death.

Many property owners d not maintain their parking lots in a safe manor. A large pothole in a parking lot can be a tripping hazard.

Eight tips for landlords, property managers, and maintenance professionals to help prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents.

– Clean up all spills and debris immediately

– Mark any spills or wet areas with prominent signage

– Keep all walkways clear of clutter or other obstacles

– Cover or tape down any cords to prevent tripping hazards

– Repair any loose or broken handrails at steps

– Make sure parking lots are well lit at night

– Repair any potholes or sink holes on your property

– Repair any walkway or sidewalk with cracks, raised surfaces, or imperfections that can lead to a tripping hazard

Many property managers do not maintain their property safely. A wet floor can be a slip and fall hazard and cause serious injury.

What are ways to reduce the risk of tripping, slipping, and falling?

– Take your time and pay attention to where you are walking

– Make sure your view is not blocked by carrying bags or boxes

– Always make sure you have a well-lit area where you are walking

– This sounds obvious, but lift your fit when you walk, don’t shuffle

– Watch where you are walking; uneven or wet surfaces can be anywhere at anytime

There are many costs associated with suffering a preventable injury that does not actually cost money but cost emotionally. Non-monetary costs of injury include:

– Emotional trauma

– A permanent partial or full disability

– Changes in family and societal roles

– Career-altering implications

– Unable to live independently anymore

– Possible need for institutional care

Why Hiring a Slip and Fall Lawyer is Important

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Many landlords do not maintain their property safely. A broken and rundown patio platform can be a slip and fall hazard.

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A preventable injury is just that, something that could be prevented. Accidents happen, especially when we all have such full schedules, many rushing around. Let’s all please try to slow down, pay better attention, and let’s all stay safe out there.

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