Results From Canada’s National Impaired Driving Week

The annual National Impaired Driving Week has wrapped up, and the results are in! This one-week impaired driver study shows that 3% of the drivers investigated were driving impaired. Of 800 vehicles investigated for impaired driving, 776 were found to be compliant.

This is an important reminder that everyone can do their part – by staying safe on our roads, we save lives not only for ourselves but also for others. Don’t drink and drive. It is that simple. It’s important to drive safely in Ontario.  Too many alcohol-related car accidents happen that cause serious injury and death in Ontario, Canada.

The people investigated shared some critical data about the dangers of impaired driving in Ontario, Canada. The impaired driving statistics in Ontario included the following:

A police car flashing red lights to pull over an impaired driver, before he causes an accident.
The last thing you want is for the red lights to start flashing behind you as you drive. Just don’t drink and drive. Be safe for everyone.

– 67% of the drivers used alcohol in the past 30 days

– 6% drove at least once in the past six months knowing they were impaired

– 35% knowingly drove impaired with passengers

– 27% of drivers used cannabis in the past 30 days

– 7% drove at least once in the past six months knowing they were impaired

– 56% knowingly drove impaired with passengers

– 16% of the drivers used an illicit drug, medication (prescribed or not), or other substance for recreational purposes or to get high in the past 30 days

– 7% drove at least once in the past six months knowing they were impaired

– 83% knowingly drove impaired with passengers

Impaired driving is 100% preventable. Please, drive safe in Ontario Canada. The impaired driving statistics in Ontario are on the rise.

As indicated by recent data from National Impaired Driving Week and Ontario Canada’s annual statistics on alcohol-related crashes involving motor vehicles, the sad fact is that hundreds die each year; tens of thousands get injured!

It doesn’t have to be this way: we all hold power in our hands when it comes to preventing impaired driving that can only cause harm, loss, and devastation.

 Penalties for Driving Impaired in Ontario, Canada

Guys out at a bar having fun, but at the end of the night they'll call an Uber.
Have fun with your friends. Go out for a few beers. Just wait before you get behind the wheel, or call an Uber.

If the police pull you over and it is determined that you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can face:

– Immediate license suspensions

– Fines and reinstatement fees

– Enrollment into education or treatment programs

– Vehicle impoundment

– Harsher penalties upon conviction

– Much harsher penalties and fees for 2nd and 3rd-time offenders

Penalties for driving impaired can vary depending on many variables. Your age, license type, and the amount of alcohol or drugs you consume that are in your system. Additionally, how many times you have been convicted or had your license suspended will have a large bearing on your fines and penalties. Repeat offenders are often given the most severe penalties, including possible jail time.

MADD Canada is a Great Resource for Support + Justice

According to MADD Canada’s second National Survey on Driving After Alcohol, Cannabis, Or Drug Use, many Canadians drive after consuming alcohol and other substances. These behaviors are higher among young males aged 18-34 years old.

These statistics show a great need for more education on the dangers of driving impaired. When someone drinks or takes drugs or medication while operating a vehicle, cognitively, they become impaired.

Drinking Alcohol and Doing Drugs 100% Impairs Your Ability to Drive Safe

Your vision can become blurred, or you may experience double vision. You can have difficulty paying attention to the road and your surroundings. Your reflexes will be considerably slower and less sharp. These are the side effects of drinking alcohol and doing drugs.

Even if you think you are fine and can handle driving a vehicle, you are impaired. And when you drive impaired, you put yourself and others at risk. And that’s not fair.

Don't drink and drive.

Your reaction time is affected. The best way to help reduce alcohol and drug-related accidents is to follow these simple tips.

– If you or a friend consume any alcohol, drugs, or medications, don’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

– Hand the keys to someone else who is not impaired.

– Call Uber

– Call your parents or a friend to come and get you.

– Stay overnight where you are if you can

– Give yourself at least 2 hours to sober up without taking any drugs or drinking any alcohol for at least 2 hours

These simple safety tips can save your life, your friend’s lives, and the lives of others.

MADD Canada is dedicated to stopping impaired driving. They provide a unique support system for victims and survivors of alcohol-related crashes and accidents. Victims and survivors of impaired driving have rights in the judicial system.

Cariati Law Protects Victims’ Rights After an Alcohol-Related Car Crash

Drive safely so all families can arrive at their destinations safely. You have a responsibility to everyone when you drive on Ontario’s roads.

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