26 May 2020
Business Closed due to COVID

What to do When Your Business Interruption Claim for COVID-19 Has Been Denied

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated government-imposed restrictions have caused many businesses to experience a dramatic loss of revenue.  As a business owner you are likely coping with feelings of fear…

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28 Feb 2020
Hit and Run Accident Mississauga

What To Do After a Hit-And-Run

Any accident can be terrifying but a hit-and-run accident can be more overwhelming. For victims of hit-and-run accidents all is not lost. You still have some options available to you…

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15 Nov 2019
Denied Letter

What to Do When Your Long-Term Disability Claim is Denied

Filing an LTD claim involves the completion of numerous forms for you, your employer, and your doctor; a process that is not simple. Since it is not easy to understand…

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28 Oct 2019
Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving: A Known Danger

According to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), one in every four fatal crashes in Canada involves distraction of some kind. These crashes impact not only drivers but also passengers,…

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22 Jan 2019

Cariati Law Releases Informative Download on Marijuana Laws

In October 2018, recreational cannabis use became legal across Canada—currently only the second country to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide. While legalization has gone national, some activities—including impaired driving—remain prohibited. For…

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28 Nov 2018
Defective Medical Devices Canada

Oversight Lacking for Implanted Medical Devices in Canada

While millions of Canadians rely on surgically implanted medical devices, a recent investigation has discovered many surgical implants lack significant scientific evidence to prove their safety and efficacy. A detailed…

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15 Nov 2018

Safety on the Slopes

The snowy season is—for those who haven’t seen it already—just around the corner. Across Canada, that means people are preparing for another round of winter sports. Millions of skiers and…

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08 Nov 2018
Impaired Driver

Enforcement of Drug-Impaired Driving Raises Concerns in Ontario

In October 2018, cannabis became legal across Canada. Now, researchers and officials are raising concerns about how legalization will affect the number of drug-impaired drivers on Ontario roads—and are looking…

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26 Dec 2017
Cariati Law Toronto, Ontario Lawyers Car Accidents Drinking Driving Accidents

Alcohol Related Car Accidents are on the Rise in Hamilton

Did you know there has been a 50% increase in motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol this year over last year? This major spike in alcohol-related crashes comes after repeated warnings…

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21 Dec 2017
Cariat iLaw Toronto, Ontario Lawyers

Happy Holidays from Cariati Law

  With the Holiday weekend approaching millions of Canadians will be hitting the road or sky to get to their destination on time. The lawyers and staff at Cariati Law…

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