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On average, one out of every three Canadians will become disabled for at least 90 days before reaching age 65. While it is unpleasant to consider, millions of Canadians will have to deal with a sudden injury, accident or illness that prevents them from returning to work and supporting their family. During a time such as this, long term disability benefits are incredibly helpful for supplementing loss of income while your family and you manage with emotional and physical hardships together.

What is Long Term Disability Insurance?

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance is an insurance policy intended to help protect you as an employee and your family by providing benefits that supplement your loss of income. Many injured or sick Canadians depend on these insurance benefits to help pay for medical bills, expensive home care, and regular living expenses.

Man pushing woman in wheelchair through a park with Long Term DisabilityWhat Types of Disabilities Are Covered For LTD Benefits?

Illnesses or injuries that prevent you from working and last a year or longer can make you eligible for long term disability benefits. These conditions can be physical, mental, or emotional.

Learn if you qualify for long term disability insurance.

Unfortunately, when it comes time for the insurance company to pay up, many people that have Long Term Disability Insurance are denied the benefits they deserve.

What Should I Do if My Long Term Disability Claim Has Been Denied?

If your claim to Long Term Disability Insurance benefits claim is denied, call Cariati Law. Our experienced and compassionate long term disability lawyers We will help secure the LTD insurance benefits you deserve.

Knowing how to deal with all of the complex issues of your disability claim is critical to the success of your case.

What Does My Long Term Disability Insurance Include?

Long Term Disability Benefit plans differ based on the type of plan you are on.

Many Canadians receive Long Term Disability Insurance coverage through their employer. Others purchase individual plans through an insurance company directly. No matter how you are covered, Cariati Law can help you work through the details of your claim, what your plan covers, and getting you the most out of your policy and the maximum in benefits.

Provisions of your policy that we will explore in-depth include:

  • Your daily benefit amount
  • Deductible or waiting period
  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Maximum policy benefit
  • Pre-existing condition limitations
  • Policy exclusions
  • And more

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