Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawyers

For decades, talcum powder and baby powder products have been marketed to women for feminine hygiene purposes. However, mounting scientific evidence has established a strong link between regular use of talcum powder on the genital area and an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Thousands of women may be at an elevated risk of developing ovarian cancer due to regular use of baby powder products that contained talc.

Companies that sold talcum powder were aware of the link to ovarian cancer for years, yet failed to warn women that regular use of their products could pose a serious threat to their health and safety.

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Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer

For more than 35 years, many medical professionals have presented clear evidence demonstrating that long-term use of talcum powder on the female genital region is linked to ovarian cancer. Studies have shown that when used regularly, talc particles can travel through the fallopian tubes into the ovaries causing inflammation that can eventually lead to ovarian cancer.

Talc particles were found in ovarian cancer tissues as early as 1971. The first scientific study linking regular talc use to ovarian cancer was published in 1982. Since then, many more scientific studies have shown that long-term use of talcum powder on the genital region increases a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 33%.

Despite this mounting scientific evidence pointing to a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, talcum powder distributors chose not to add warning labels to their products alerting women about these potentially life-threatening health risks.

By failing to warn their customers about the risk of ovarian cancer, companies that sold talcum powder products put the lives of thousands of women at risk.

Talcum Powder Distributors Faced With Legal Action Over Link to Ovarian Cancer

In the United States, several recent verdicts have found a clear link between regular use of talcum powder by women on the genital area and an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

In the U.S, more than 1,200 additional lawsuits are now pending against companies that sold talcum powder products. These companies are facing a long and expensive legal battle due to their failure to add warning labels to products containing talcum powder.

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If you or a loved were diagnosed with ovarian cancer and were a long-term user of talcum powder or baby powder products containing talc, you may be eligible to file a claim.

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