Important Information About Business Law in Ontario

Business owners know the value of having a legal adviser by their side through all growth stages. They need a team committed to putting their strategies into action, focusing on the details. That’s what brings a business lasting success, and that’s what you can count on from Cariati Law. 

At Cariati Law, we provide a comprehensive suite of corporate and commercial services at every stage of business development. Whether just starting out or deep into active operations, our team offers experienced and diligent counsel to help clients navigate any matters at hand.  

We tailor our expertise to suit your business needs, whether it involves:

– the incorporation of a new company or a partnership;

– registrations in other provinces in which business is to be conducted;

– director/shareholder resolutions and shareholders’ agreements;

– share purchase and sale transactions or changes of control;

– commercial leasing to lock in the desired facilities for an office, warehousing, or manufacturing;

– corporate borrowing documentation for business loans or secured financing;

– establishing contracts with third parties (e.g., suppliers, customers, logistics companies, etc.);

– corporate restructuring; and

– agreements catered to specific point-in-time needs (e.g., sales, distribution, licensing, and leasing)

If a client wishes to purchase or sell their business, we will offer a turn-key and dedicated experience from a letter of intent to the final closing. 

Our lawyers have experience representing every type of stakeholder, including buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, shareholders, takeover or acquisition targets, receivers, boards and committees, franchisors, distributors, partnerships, and governments, and government corporations.

Contact the Ontario Corporate and Commercial Lawyers at Cariati Law 

Whether you need a strong defense and representation of your business interests or assistance with everyday issues such as contract review, Cariati is here for you. Our corporate and commercial lawyers are always by your side to help you understand and manage the legal issues that impact your business.

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