Important Information About Defective Stryker Hip Implants in Ontario

Have you had hip replacement surgery and required revision surgery due to a defective metal hip implant? Each year in Ontario, thousands of people undergo hip replacement surgeries.  When performed correctly, these procedures can provide patients with tremendous benefits, including pain reduction and improved mobility.  

However, some patients have the misfortune of being implanted with prosthetic (artificial) hips that have inherent defects, which puts them at risk of serious medical side effects. 

In 2016, Health Canada issued a recall of certain components used in total hip replacement surgeries that were manufactured and sold by Stryker Corporation, a large multinational company.  Specifically, the products affected by this recall are Stryker LFit V40 femoral heads which were manufactured before 2011.

Do you have a Defective Stryker Hip Implant Medical Device?

This device was marketed by Stryker Corporation to doctors by promising increased durability and improved recovery times compared to hip implant devices made from other materials.

Unfortunately, many of these Stryker metal-on-metal hip replacement devices are defective and break down at rates much higher than expected.

defective metal hip implant device

Many Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Recalled in Ontario

Health Canada has determined that these components are unsafe, citing “higher than expected complaints of…failure.” Patients that have received the LFit V40 fermoral head as part of a total hip replacement surgery could be at risk of serious injuries and medical complications.

Harmful Side Effects

Patients that received a defective metal hip implant can experience painful and dangerous complications, including:

  • Premature device failure/breakage
  • Osteolysis (bone dissolution)
  • Synovitis (inflammation of the synovial membrane)
  • Pseudo-tumors
  • Fluid in the joint
  • Tissue and bone necrosis
  • Metal poisoning in the blood

Once these defective hip components are implanted in patients, the joint where the metal “head” and “stem” meet can start to corrode. This can release harmful metal particles into the tissue and bloodstream surrounding the surgical site.

In many cases, patients who were implanted with the  LFit V40 fermoral head require painful revision surgery to replace the defective components. 

A History of Defective Devices

This is the second time that Health Canada has issued a recall notice for metal hip implant components manufactured by Stryker Corporation. In 2015, Health Canada also issued a recall notice for Stryker LFit V40 Vitallium Femoral Heads.

How We Can Help

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