Stand Up to Bullying – What You Need To Know

Child alone in school

To help raise awareness of the ongoing problems with bullying in our schools, Cariati Law offers a few insights into the facts and figures surrounding this harmful, destructive practice. We support all anti-bullying efforts—and hope education can eliminate this form of aggression—in our schools, on our playgrounds, and elsewhere.

How to Identify Bullying

Stop Bullying has released a detailed list to help parents and caregivers identify the potential warning signs of bullying. This list addresses behavior exhibited by both bullying victims and bullies themselves.

Bullying Frequency

Stop Bullying has released concerning information regarding the frequency of bullying:

  • 30% of young people admit to having bullied others
  • 71% of young people say they have witnessed bullying
  • 70% of school staff say they have witnessed bullying
  • 62% of school staff witness bullying twice a month
  • 41% of school staff witness bullying once a week
  • 57% of bullying stop within 10 seconds if intervened
  • 28% of students in grades 6–12 have been bullied
  • 9% of students in grades 6–12 have been cyberbullied
  • 15% of high school students were cyberbullied last year
  • 55% of LGBTQ students say they have been cyberbullied

Bullying Defined

Bullying can take the form of any unwanted or aggressive behavior among school-aged children—typically based on a real or perceived imbalance of power. Such aggressive or unwanted behavior is used repeatedly to isolate, harm, or control other people.

Stop Bullying identifies cyberbullying as a type of bullying behavior that occurs through SMS messages, texts, apps, or online through social media, forums, or gaming sites. Cyberbullying can take place over almost any digital media—including like cell phones, computers, and tablets.

Cyberbullying often involves sharing personal or private information about another person with the intent to cause humiliation or embarrassment. This extends to posting, sending, or sharing any harmful, false, mean, or negative content about other people.

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