2018 Could Mark Record Pedestrian and Cyclist Deaths in Toronto

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Despite joining other cities in the “Vision Zero Pledge” nearly two years ago, Toronto authorities recently announced that 2018 may be the city’s deadliest year for both pedestrians and cyclists. On Tuesday, an unidentified cyclist became the 90th pedestrian or cyclist to die in Toronto since Mayor John Tory announced the initiative on June 13, 2016.

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What is Vision Zero Toronto?

Many cities in Canada and the U.S. have joined Vision Zero—a campaign to reduce traffic deaths to zero. Vision Zero seeks to reduce speeds, build safer streets, address distracted or impaired driving, and hold drivers and pedestrians responsible for safety. In Toronto, the program has led to:

  • Installation of 800 lower speed limit signs
  • More than 60 new pedestrian signals
  • Over 5,700 metres of new sidewalk

Other developments include nearly 20,000 kilometres of zebra-marked pavement in school safety zones, senior safety zones, and pedestrian safety as well as new bike lanes and improvements made to several busy intersections. In other cities—such as Boston—Vision Zero has reduced speed limits and installed several speed radar signs.

Still Work to Be Done

In an earlier blog, we reported at least seven Ontario cyclists will find themselves in an emergency ward every day. It appears this alarming trend continues.  The City of Toronto calls Vision Zero “a bold pledge” toward safety, adding “fatalities and serious injuries on our roads are preventable, and we must strive to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries to ZERO.”

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