York Region Tests Intersection Safety Program

Bike crossing the street

In an effort to make the roadways safer for pedestrians and cyclists, York Region is launching a pilot program that will make changes to major intersections in the area.

Alarming Statistics

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, about 7,500 cyclists are seriously injured every year in Canada.

And, 64% of cyclist deaths from traffic crashes occurred on city roads.

What Can Be Done to Help

The safety improvements, which will be implemented over the course of the summer, will include no turning right on red light signage, advance left-turning signals and giving pedestrian signaling systems a seven-second head start.

These changes will hope to mitigate some of these tragedies in the future and provide a safer environment for both pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

These safety features will be tested for one year to see if they make a difference before they become permanent, the region said.

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