Fire & Explosion Injury Lawyers

Have you sustained an injury from a Fire & Explosion?

Victims of a fire can suffer not only excruciating physical pain but also severe emotional trauma. The burn injury recovery process is lengthy and painful for those lucky enough to live through it and often requires round-the-clock care.

Burn injuries can often be attributed to negligence or unsafe premises.

When seriously injured in a fire or explosion caused by negligence, call Cariati Law for help. It would be helpful if you had an experienced Toronto injury lawyer on your side.

The cause or origin of a fire or explosion may be due to:

• Negligent building owner
Negligent property manager
Negligent landlord
Negligent building design
• Defective equipment such as water heaters
Faulty gas line or electrical problem

Depending on a fire’s cause, the product manufacturer of electrical equipment, circuits, wiring, heaters, or grills may be responsible.

Fires from Building Owner Negligence:

• Failure to maintain wiring
• Storage of flammable materials by a heat source
• Obstruction of fire exits
• Lack of or defective smoke detectors
• Lack of or defective CO2 detectors

Building Contractors or designers may be liable for:

• Improperly installed gas, propane or electrical lines
• Poorly maintained gas, propane, or electrical lines or valves
• Substandard construction or building design
• Non-compliant building code construction
• Unsafe materials
• Faulty wiring

Burn Injuries from Defective Products:

• Exploding gas or propane tanks
• Failed smoke detectors
• Failed CO2 detectors
• Highly flammable blankets

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