Tragic Snowmobile Accident Reminds Us Just How Dangerous Snowmobiles Can Be!

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Snowmobiles are a widely loved recreational activity throughout Canada, but they do hold dangers and safety risks just like other types of vehicles. As we continue to see the temperature drop and snow falling, people of all ages across Canada will take advantage of recreational snowmobile use. Please be careful, and remember that driving a snowmobile can be dangerous.

Sadly, friends and family are mourning the loss of a 52-year old man who died this past week in a tragic snowmobile accident. According to Global News the man was trailing two friends when he suddenly noticed they weren’t in site, the victim crashed into a shed after going off-trail when rounding into a curve. An investigation is currently underway.

Our condolences go out to the families and friends involved in this horrific accident. At Cariati Law we want to remind everyone the importance of snow mobile safety. An accident can happen at any given moment, always remember to:

Stay on a clearly marked trail if you can
Know your location and its surrounding – always be prepared for the unexpected and try to avoid unnecessary risks
• Choose the right time of day and place based on weather conditions
Spread out among riders – keep a safe distance at all times
Be prepared for whatever might come your way – this helps ensure your personal safety
• Let your family and friends know that you will be out snowmobiling, and give them an estimated time of your arrival back home; this way if you do not show up, they can send help
Bring a mobile device with you, in case you become injured and need to call for help
• Make sure that your snowmobile has a full tank of gas, and that it is in good working condition

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