Tractor Trailer Accident Causes Dangerous Fuel Spill on Ontario Highway

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Ontario Ministry of Environment officials faced a dangerous situation last week when they were tasked with cleaning over 10,000 litres of diesel fuel off of Highway 401. The accident that caused this spill occurred in the early morning of December 16th after the driver of a tractor trailer lost control of his vehicle, smashing into a guard rail before finally coming to rest in a ditch on the side of the highway.

At the time of the accident, the driver was carrying two tankers full of diesel fuel on the back of his truck. The accident caused both tanks to overturn, but fortunately only one of the two tanks spilled the entirety of its contents onto the highway. The driver, aged 62, suffered minor injuries from the accident and now faces one charge of careless driving.

Ontario Ministry of Environment crews scrambled to clean up the mess and prevent large amounts of fuel from leaking into the nearby Wilmont Creek. At last reporting, the crews did a great job of containing this leak, mitigating the environmental damage and returning Highway 401 to full working order. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment also stated that there was no evidence of fuel leaking into the nearby water table.

Tractor trailers are extremely prevalent on Ontario’s highways, especially approaching the border with the United States. Every year, tractor trailers cross between Canada and the U.S an estimated 10 million times, making approximately 612,000 trips on Canada’s major roadways every week. In light of these large numbers of commercial trucks on the road, Ontario passed legislation in 2009 to equip heavy trucks with speed limiters. These devices restrict the maximum speed these trucks can achieve at 105 Km per hour.

As Ontario motorists face increasingly icy and dangerous road conditions throughout the winter, it is crucial that drivers be aware of tractor trailers and large trucks at all times. In order to avoid major accidents, keep these tips in mind:

– Be mindful that truck drivers have limited vision. Truckers rely almost solely on their side view mirrors to see the behind them, so be sure to stay where the driver can see your car. If you cannot see the truck’s side-view mirrors, chances are that the driver cannot see you.
– Allow trucks lots of space, especially while they are turning. All tractor trailers carry a sign warning motorists that the vehicles make wide turns, so never attempt to pass or overtake a truck with its turn signal on.
– Remember that trucks are difficult to control and take much longer to come to a complete stop than cars. An average tractor trailer weighs over 36,000 Kg. That means that traveling around 105 Km per hour, it will take a tractor trailer about 90 meters before it comes to a complete halt.

At Cariati Law, we want to remind all Toronto and Ontario drivers to be aware on the road at all times. Car and truck accidents become more common in the winter due to icy roads, so keep these safety tips in mind and arrive at your destination safely.

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