Toronto Implements New Laws for Ridesharing Services

Ride Hailing Toronto

With so many people using ridesharing services such as Uber every day, it was only a matter of time before more stringent laws were implemented. Earlier this month Toronto’s newest by law for these services went into effect with the hope of improving both safety and accessibility.

Referred to as the “vehicle-for-hire” regulations, there are now additional requirements for drivers. These include:

Minimum Driving Experience

Since drivers of ride-hailing/ridesharing services drive strangers, often through a maze of metropolitan traffic, Toronto now requires Uber, Lyft, taxicab, and limousine drivers to have a minimum of three years of driving experience.

Training Program

Drivers are also now required to complete a city-approved training program in order to get a license of a renewal. These programs will likely cover topics such as how to transport passengers safely, how to drive in an urban setting, and how to provide accessible service, as well as share information on anti-racism, diversity (and sensitivity) and applicable legal requirements.

‘Watch for Bike’ Notices

Drivers are also obligated to post “watch for bike” notices to their vehicles. These companies are also required to send notifications to their users through the app in order to remind them to watch for bicyclists prior to exiting the ridesharing vehicle.

Camera Notice

Drivers will now be required to post notices in their vehicle if they are utilizing a camera to record any passengers.

SmartPhone Mounting

Drivers, who often utilize their smartphones in order to operate their services, must now ensure that such devices are securely and safely mounted.

Accessibility Fund

The new law also requires that companies that do not provide wheelchair accessible services will be funding an accessibility fund in order to help offset the costs of doing just that. These funds will then be distributed to wheelchair-accessible drivers and taxicab owners.

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