Toronto Considers Lane Filtering at Red Lights to Increase Motorcycle Safety

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Currently, the City of Toronto is studying a rule change that would allow motorcyclists to move between lanes of traffic while stopped at red lights. The city hopes the change in practice would increase safety for those on motorcycles. A detailed article on the proposed change is available here.

After the Toronto city council recently approved a motion to explore a pilot project, they announced they will explore the practice. Lane filtering—a practice in which motorcycles sit between lanes at signals—is not to be confused with lane splitting, which allows motorcyclists to travel between lanes in moving traffic. At present, the City of Toronto prohibits either practice.

Greater Risk of Injury

Information gathered in Ontario from 2007-2013 reveals cyclists are three times more likely to sustain injuries—and ten times more likely to suffer serious injuries—than drivers. Studies found an injury rate of 2,194 out of 100,000 for cyclists—versus 718 per 100,000 drivers.

Others Follow Suit

The Canadian Motorcycle Association states the practice can keep motorcyclists safe while easing traffic congestion. The group plans to adopt a formal stance on the practice after their fall board meeting. At the same time, the Canadian Automobile Association says the Toronto study has inspired them to research the practice.

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