Toronto Announces “Vision Zero Road Safety Plan” for 2017

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City officials in Toronto have developed a plan to reduce preventable injuries and fatalities on the roads of Toronto. The “Vision Zero Road Safety Plan” will strategically target at risk groups of traffic-related injury and fatality, and tackle driving behaviors that cause accidents.

This road safety plan will utilize city data reflecting previous road injury and fatality’s to create a strategic approach. The goal of Vision Zero Road Safety Plan will help protect the residents of Toronto by creating a safer environment for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and all residents.

The comprehensive five-year plan will include over 50 safety measures in 6 main areas:

  • Pedestrians
  • School children
  • Older adults
  • Bicyclists
  • Motorcyclists
  • Aggressive and distracted drivers

Learn how each area will be targeted below:

  • Pedestrians: Locations with prior pedestrian injury and fatality will be prioritized and targeted for safety improvements. These improvements include speed-limit reductions, no-right-turn on red, advance green light for pedestrians, and more.
  • School children: Schools within 1 km of previous fatality or serious injury involving a student will be prioritized for an in-depth review of safety improvements. Improvements include enhanced pavement markings and signage, “watch your speed” signs, police enforcement, and more.
  • Older adults: Special attention will be diverted to location where elder citizens reside and interact. These areas will be prioritized and targeted for speed-limit reductions, increased crossing and traffic signals, “watch your speed” signs, and more.
  • Cyclists: Areas with previously injured or killed cyclists will be reviewed for safety advancement. Safety initiatives include cyclist signals, bike boxes, advanced green-light for cyclist, additional police enforcement and more.
  • Motorcyclists: Most motorcycle accidents occur at significant curves and junctions in the road combined with aggressive, distracted or impaired riding behaviors. Police enforcement and signs will be implemented at susceptible locations to warn riders of safety hazards that lay ahead.
  • Aggressive and Distracted Driving: Examinations will be conducted to showcase the areas where serious injury collisions involving a distracted and/or distracted driver take place. An evaluation will be given to determine appropriate safety measures to be implemented; such as speed reductions, geometric safety improvements and other traffic calming methods. Additionally, areas with high reports of road injury and fatality will implement targeted police enforcement.

The message behind this program is simple: “fatalities and serious injuries on our roads are preventable, and we must strive to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries to ZERO.”

Below is a video describing this plan at length:

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