Texting While Driving Could Be Your Very Last Text

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Distracted driving, especially texting while driving has become a serious problem on Canadian roadways which is causing serious accidents resulting in massive injuries and even death to innocent victims.

New Dangers on the Road Because of Texting & Driving

Today’s drivers face risks that did not exist in earlier generations. Today everyone seems to have a smart phone or tablet, and this increase of hand-held technology has led to an increase in distracted driving car accidents. Some studies suggest that texting while driving incidences may even be more dangerous than drunk driving incidences.

An alarming 13% of all distracted driving-related car accident deaths involve cell-phone use of some kind, especially texting.

A recent Insurance Bureau of Canada report found that 89% of Canadians were concerned about distracted driving, however only 60% of those drivers said they would agree to stop using their cell phones while driving despite the increased risk of accidents.

Do Not Become a Statistic

Distracted driving is a national issue. As a result, all 10 provinces in Canada have some form of cell phone/distracted driving legislation in place, although it is still uncertain if these laws are having any measurable effect.

Cell phone use while driving is dangerous. That’s a proven fact and it causes way too many preventable accidents.  A few tips on what not to do when driving:

  1. Don’t text & drive
  2. Don’t listen to your music with ear plugs while driving
  3. Do not try to view voice mails when driving
  4. If you need to use your GPS on your mobile phone, STOP first, enter your address, then continue driving
  5. Don’t surf the web while driving
  6. Don’t search your music library while driving


All of these cause serious accidents with sometimes fatal results. All it takes is just 5 seconds and you could ruin your life forever or kill someone else. Be careful and respect all drivers on the road and respect yourself. Be safe. It is a proven fact that individuals who text and drive are less prepared to deal with hazards that might arise while driving, such as skidding on ice or snow, seeing a pedestrian crossing the street or another driver losing control of their vehicle. And most important, it is illegal to text and drive.

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

When a car crash occurs and it was not your fault, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They will investigate your situation, search out the facts and determine how the accident happened. An experienced injury lawyer will handle your entire claim with the insurance company and only has your best interest at hand.

Do not rely on the insurance companies to work to get you the best settlement possible. Remember that insurance companies make money by paying out the smallest settlements possible. Only an experienced auto injury lawyer will go the extra mile to make sure you collect fair and full compensation for your injuries.

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