Study: Two Million Ontario Drivers Have Driven High


A recent study by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) polled 1,000 Ontario drivers over age 19 to find that half of cannabis users indicate they have driven a vehicle under the influence of the drug. A detailed article on the group’s findings is available here.

Doing the Math

According to CAA South Central Ontario, extrapolation of the results would suggest over 735,000 Ontario motorists have driven a vehicle after using cannabis within the previous three months—and perhaps 1.9 million have done so in their lifetime.

A Growing Trend

The research notes 200,000 Ontario drivers admit to using both alcohol and cannabis before they drove in the previous three months. With cannabis becoming legal across Canada on October 17th, 57% of survey respondents feel the number of impaired drivers will rise. According to the survey:

  • 69% of all cannabis-impaired drivers are male
  • 39% of the cannabis-impaired are novice drivers
  • Impaired drivers are most-likely aged 25-34

Testing and Enforcement

On July 1st, 2018; Ontario passed a zero-tolerance policy toward driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol for holders of G1 and G2 licenses under the graduated license program. Some 52% of drivers taking part in the CAA poll admit they are worse behind the wheel under the influence of cannabis than sober drivers. Other results suggest:

  • 60% support public-education campaigns to encourage safe driving
  • 75% support strong fines and penalties for drug-impaired driving
  • 75% support investments in technology for roadside drug testing

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