Safe At Sea: Tips for a Good Day on the Water

Boating Safety

Don’t let trouble sink your good time. Keep it safe, relaxing, and fun for everyone and avoid trouble with proper precautions. While Parachute states Canada has lost 10,511 boaters between 1991-2010, Cariati Law offers some suggestions to help make the most of your time on the water. 




What to Bring

Make sure you carry the equipment below: 

  • SAFETY: Fire and water never mix, so be sure to install appropriately rated fire extinguishers—and check them regularly.
  • TOOLS: Don’t get caught with your tool belt down—pack tools, spare parts, rope, and other supplies before you set sail.
  • FLOTATION: The Red Cross states immersion accounted for 95% of recreational boating fatalities between 1991-2008.
  • LOCATION: Flares, GPS, emergency beacons, and air horns help you leave your cares behind—and still find your way back.
  • FUEL: Always carry more fuel than you think you’re going to need—so you don’t run out of gas before you run out of water.
  • PROPULSION: If your sail, outboard, or stern drive fails; a set of oars or a trolling motor can help you get back to shore.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: A two-way radio with weather alert helps you remain informed and stay in touch with those on shore.
  • SUPPLIES: Always carry a bailer, emergency food, and drinking water in case you are lost, get stranded, or take on water.
  • CERTIFICATION: Licensed, certified boaters are safer boaters—so get some training and keep all your certifications current.
  • MEDICAL: According to the Red Cross, traumatic injuries accounted for 5% of recreational boating fatalities from 1991-2008.

What to Avoid

Always avoid the following safety pitfalls:

ALCOHOL & DRUGS: Enjoy yourself—but not too much. When on the water, keep your reflexes, reaction time, and judgment sharp.

EXCESSIVE SPEED: Just like on the road, speeding will get you in trouble—and can cause an accident. Leave the killer wake alone.

DELAYED SERVICE: Putting off routine maintenance or necessary repairs can easily throw a wrench into even the best boat trip.

CHANGING WEATHER: Bad weather can quickly ruin a great day— so stay informed and be prepared for changing conditions.

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