Personal Safety Apps That Make A Difference

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In today’s society, there are so many dangerous situations that students and young people are forced to endure. In an age of heightened aggression and sexuality, crimes against young people are more prevalent than ever.

Nearly 33% of all students aged 12 – 18 reported having been bullied at school, some almost daily. It is estimated that 1 in 4 college women will be the victims of a sexual assault. Another report estimates that 13% of college women are victims of a stalking incident at least once during their college years.

It is critically important to speak with your children, friends and other parents about ways to be as safe as possible. One way many parents are “fighting back” is by adding a Personal Safety App to every family members smart phone. These apps have numerous safety functions that add an increased level of security to any Android or Apple device. And many of these downloadable apps are Free.

A safety app can add a “Virtual Escort” function to your child’s cell phone.  An app can add the ability of live streaming video, so that if your son or daughter is in danger, they just tap their safety app, and their entire situation is recorded, and immediately sent to your phone with an alert, so you can respond immediately and appropriately to the situation. These apps also work as evidence, since all secured data is recorded and stored in the Cloud, and can be accessed at any time for police, a lawyer or proof of what happened.

Below are three Personal Safety apps that you can download for free and can help to keep you, your family and friends safer. These apps will provide your mobile device with security functions so that you can immediately be in touch with family and friends, if ever faced with a dangerous situation. Some of these apps even have the ability

EmergenSee has developed revolutionary technology that turns your smart phone into a personal security system that instantly streams 
Live Video, Audio, GPS Location and Movements to Pre-Selected Contacts* when threatening or potentially dangerous 
situations are encountered. With just one tap, your Pre-Selected Contacts* immediately see, hear and follow an incident
 as it unfolds, effectively responding to your situation.

– Streams Live Video & Audio
– GPS Location & Movement
– Stealth Mode Cloud Recording
– Virtual Escort
Instant Text & Email Notifications
– Two Way Texting**
– Mass Broadcast Notifications**
– Geo-Fence Technology**
– Professional Monthly Monitoring Service for Fee

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bSafe is a lifestyle app to stay in touch with your friends and family members and enhance your safety everyday. It works everyday everywhere in all countries. Simply install bSafe on your iPhone or Android phone to get started, and set up your safety net. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, bSafe is always there for you!

Some Features:

–       bSafe will keep you all updated on each others locations

–       Hide if you don’t like to share your location.

–       In case of an emergency or when you use Follow me and I´m Here, your location will of course be shared for your safety.

–       With bSafe maps you both have all safety features at your fingertip, and your map for safe navigation. We’ve even included a flashlight for you to use any time it’s dark!

–       The more Guardians you choose, the safer you are. Add all your friends and family as your Guardians for a bigger and better safety net.

–       Choose one person as your primary Guardian. In case of an emergency this one contact will not only receive a text, but also be called.

–       Guardianship is mutual. When one Guardian accepts, you are automatically that person’s Guardian too. Help each other stay safer!

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Guardly Safe Campus™ is an enterprise mobile safety solution for universities and colleges to reduce risk by improving readiness and response to threats against people and places you protect each day. Guardly Safe Campus™ has shown the ability to improve emergency response times by 44% and locate non-responsive indoor emergency callers in less than 4 minutes on large multi-building campuses using our Indoor Positioning System (IPS).

Guardly provides key information to security operators from the moment the first call for help comes in until first responders arrive on the scene. Driven by enhanced situational intelligence, ultimately our customers make better real-time decisions and have better outcomes when responding to threats.

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