Personal Floatation Devices Play Big Role in Saving Lives

Boating Safety

As the end of the summer keeps moving closer, the weather is only getting hotter. This means more time in the water. And while there are few better ways to cool off on a hot summer day than swimming, kayaking, and fishing, these recreational type of activities among others account for a whopping 61 percent of all drownings. The scariest part: they can happen in a matter of seconds, with little warning.

Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional fatalities worldwide. According to the Lifesaving Society, the highest drowning rates were in natural bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. And, the largest proportion of incidents occurred during a recreational activity. The most common of these were swimming, or walking, running or playing near water. By type of activity, boating and aquatic activities were the most common.

Consider the Factors

There are many different factors that can have a big impact on each specific incident. These may include things such as type of body of water, the activity the victim was engaged in, the victim’s age, the victim’s gender, and whether or not a personal floatation device was used.

Personal floatation devices (PFDs) are an essential piece of gear used when on or in the water to provide the wearer with more buoyancy to help them float. You may be familiar with life jackets or vests, which are just one of many types of PFDs. There are even PFDs for dogs.

Finding the Right PFD

When looking for the right PFD, it is important that you keep in mind several factors such as the size of the wearer, the activity that the wearer will be engaging in, the weight of the wearer. It is imperative that you regularly inspect your PFD since even a well-maintained PFD breaks down over time. It is a good idea to do a thorough inspection at the beginning of each summer and then a regular inspection prior to each use. Be sure to check for the following issues:

  • Damage such as rips, tears, cracks, and holes
  • Waterlogging
  • Air Leaks
  • Mildew
  • Shrinkage of the buoyant material inside the PFD. (Extra space between the outer cover and internal material)

Invest in Swim Lessons

Although PFDs can prevent tragedy and help to save numerous lives, it is also important that you invest in swimming lessons. In an emergency situation, knowing basic swimming techniques and safety can be the difference between living and drowning. Be sure to start teaching your children to swim from a very young age and to always pay close, full attention to your children whenever they are in or around a body of water.

Drowning is one of the easiest types of fatalities to avoid. This can be done through awareness, education, and proactive safety measures.

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