New Research into Falls Aims to Prevent Senior Injuries

Elderly Man Walking

New efforts in Ontario hope to prevent fall-related injuries among senior citizens. An article detailing these efforts to keep older Canadians safe is available here.

Senior citizens are at the greatest risk of injury due to falls. Sadly, older victims require more time to recover from injury than younger citizens. With this in mind, experts are turning to intervention programs in an attempt to save lives.

Painful Statistics

In 2017, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) reported falls were the most common form of injury across Canada. Accounting for 32% of emergency-room visits, falls resulted in close to 1,800 hospital visits every day—generating over $2 billion in healthcare costs. CIHI claims falls in the home accounted for 115,000 emergency room visits—with more than 70% of falls occurring to seniors entering or exiting a bathtub. At the same time, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Ontario’s Niagara region reports an increase in calls from seniors who have suffered falls.

Focus on Education

At the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, senior citizens—many of whom have suffered previous falls—take part in a fall-prevention class. The 12-week program—first launched in 2013—covers the benefits of exercise, how to recover from falls, stair safety, and overcoming the fear of falls.

An Innovative Response

To combat the growing trend, Niagara EMS created the Falls Intervention Team. Paramedics paired with occupational therapists respond to EMS calls from senior citizens who have fallen. The team also checks on seniors who have suffered previous falls to offer advice and provide tips on how to safely recover. They say their work has reduced the overall number of emergency room visits.

According to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia; falls account for 90% of hip fractures in older adults—and a large share of traumatic brain injuries. In Vancouver, seniors in 14 nursing homes currently wear hip protectors designed by the university—which have reduced hip fractures by one-third. The university is also testing floor surfaces of different textures.

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