Nearly Half of All Canadians Say Driver Technology May Prove Dangerous

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Technology continues to afford us the ability to make rapid progress across just about all industries, and the automotive industry has been no exception. While seat belts and airbags were once the height of safety that is hardly the case anymore. From automatic braking to blind spot warnings, our vehicles are now often equipped with the technology to help make us safer on the road. Unfortunately though, nearly half of Canadian drivers think that this technology is having the opposite effect.

According torecent survey by Desjardins Insurance, 51 percent of drivers agree that these safety features are necessary to make our roads safer. However, the data collected leads to the conclusion that more must be done in order to educate drivers on what these features are supposed to do, as well as what they are not meant to do.

Points for Concern

The survey unveiled some points for concern. Forty-eight percent of Canadian drivers feel that these safety technologies pose a risk to safety on the road and 46 percent believe that Canadian drivers rely too heavily upon them. In fact, 63 percent of Canadian drivers and non-drivers believe that this advanced technology can actually contribute to distractions. And possibly the most telling point is that 80 percent believe that drivers need to be more educated on how to use these features.

A Positive Outlook

However, the results of the survey were not all disconcerting. Despite the issues posed with driver safety technology, 52 percent of drivers think that these features do in fact help to reduce the number of collisions, while 51 percent believe that these features are necessary to maintain the safety of our roads

The results of the study demonstrate that although these different safety features do aid in reducing collisions and saving lives, the need for driver attention and vigilance is not something that can be replaced by any type of technology.

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