National Impaired Driving Prevention Week

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March 18-24, 2018 has been designated as National Impaired Driving Prevention Week in Canada.

Cariati Law wants to remind our citizens that driving while under the influence of any substance or alcohol is extremely dangerous.

Impaired driving is a leading criminal cause of death in Canada. Driving after using drugs, even prescription drugs, is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Police now have the authority to seize vehicles that are used in an impaired driving incident as a result of recent amendments to the Highway Traffic Act, the Vehicle Seizure and Impoundment Regulations, and the Highway Traffic Driver Regulations.

Impaired driving offences carry potentially severe sentences, especially for repeat offenders. In addition to a sentence, judges may order probation. The terms of probation may include community service or participating in treatment.

Here are some tips to avoid impaired driving:

  • Plan to have a designated driver before you start drinking
  • Ask your doctor about side effects of prescription medication before taking them
  • If you feel any type of abnormal side effect because of a medication, do not drive
  • Remember, fatigue and stress will also affect your ability to drive safely

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