Motorcycles Return to Our Roads


The harsh winter weather is making a retreat—and motorcyclists are anxious to see it go. As spring returns, so too are motorcycles returning to the highways of Ontario. With the return of motorcycle season, officials with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) urge drivers to be aware of motorcyclists in their midst—and urge riders to make sure others can see them.

Greater Risk of Injury

The most recent statistics on motorcycle safety revealed that motorcyclists are three times more likely to sustain injuries—and ten times more likely to suffer serious injuries—than drivers. The study found an injury rate of 2,194 out of 100,000 for cyclists—compared to 718 per 100,000 drivers.

Visibility is Key

Drivers involved in collisions with motorcycles often comment they could not see the rider or did not know a rider was there. The OPP urges riders to themselves visible at all times—and suggest riders wear bright clothing and gear that can easily be seen by others. At the same time, authorities warn drivers they share the road with riders who are far more vulnerable—given their exposure.

Pay Attention to Conditions

Immediately after the harsh weather conditions of a long winter, Ontario roads can easily become a hazardous mixture of potholes, gravel, and grit. All of these can present a very serious hazard for riders—and can often cause motorcyclists to lose control.

Know the Statistics

In 2017, Ontario experienced a record-setting 48 fatal collisions involving motorcycles—with 18 deaths in the west region. For 2018, those numbers dropped, but authorities say the overall trend is disturbing. They note half of motorcycle fatalities are men between the ages of 45 to 64—indicating they are experienced riders. With this in mind, they urge riders to consider a motorcycle-training course to refresh their skills before hitting the road.

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