Ministry of Transportation Enhances Truck Inspections

Tractor Trailer on Road

In light of a few recent, high-profile accidents involving heavy trucks, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has pledged to dedicate additional resources to roadside inspections. An article detailing this enforcement campaign is available here.

Recent Improvements Still Not Enough

Over the last two decades, the number of trucks on Ontario roads has increased by 77%. During the same time frame, the number of truck-related fatalities has dropped 67%. Even though the trucking industry’s safety record has improved, some 20% of all traffic fatalities still involve large trucks. This leaves experts stating there is still significant room for improvement.

The Hard Numbers

In Ontario, approximately 58,000 companies—and 552,464 commercially licensed drivers—operate 291,155 trucks and 34,000 buses on provincial roads. Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts 97,000 inspections—placing 21,000 commercial vehicles out of service. While significant, this represents only a small percentage of total truck traffic on Ontario roads.

A Question of Compliance

In 1995, only 56.7% of trucks inspected were deemed mechanically fit to operate on Ontario roads. This year, inspectors expect to approximate the 82.8% rate of compliance seen last year. To better focus resources, Ontario is embarking on a project to automate truck-inspection stations.

Campaigns will focus on issues like the transportation of dangerous goods. Other changes to inspection procedures will include rear impact guards and even the condition of driver seats. Additional improvements will include weigh-in-motion tools, thermal imaging to monitor hubs and brakes, and automatic readers for licence plates and placards.

Driver Behavior Also Under Scrutiny   

Speeding and distracted driving are still subject to enforcement. During a recent enforcement campaign, 1,036 drivers received charges—including 760 for speeds 15 to 29 km/h over posted limits. There also remains zero tolerance for alcohol or cannabis use among commercial drivers. Those who fail tests face a three-day licence suspension and a $250 reinstatement fee.

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