Impaired Driving Charges are up More Than 60% in the Greater Toronto Area

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Ontario Provincial Police announced over the weekend that officers have been dealing with a spike in cases of impaired and intoxicated driving on Ontario highways. The OPP stated that in the last 30 days alone, they have brought over 180 criminal charges against Ontario motorists for impaired driving. Many of these charges have resulted from motor vehicle collisions that were caused by a drunk driver.

Impaired driving remains the leading cause of death on Ontario’s roads and highways, and it is truly disappointing to see such a dramatic spike in these types of incidents over such a short period of time.

At Cariati Law, Toronto, Ontario Accident and Personal Injury law firm, we have represented far too many victims and families that were harmed by intoxicated drivers. Ontario Police announced in their report that some of the drivers charged within the last 30 days have had Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) readings of as much as three or four times the legal limit.

This type of behavior, especially on such a widespread scale, is dangerous, reckless and unacceptable. We must all do our part to help spread awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving to ensure that the number of intoxicated drivers on Ontario’s roads and highways decreases dramatically.

The dangers of driving while intoxicated are well documented, but here are some statistics that demonstrate just how serious this problem has become in Ontario:

  • Compared to the same 30 day period in 2014, impaired driving charges are up more than 60% in the Greater Toronto Area overall.
  • Police in York reported a 20% spike in impaired driving charges compared to this same date last year.
  • In downtown Toronto, impaired driving charges are up 6% compared to last year.

Drinking and driving is a serious crime, and in Ontario this violation is accompanied by stiff fines and penalties. If you are charged with and convicted of intoxicated driving, you may face any one of, or a combination of, the following punishments:

  • For a first time conviction, you will face a minimum of 1 year with an “ignition interlock device” attached to your car. This device requires drivers to take and pass a breathalyzer test before the engine will start. This will be accompanied by a $1,000 fine and a year-long driver’s license suspension.
  • For a second offense, the ignition interlock device will remain attached to a driver’s car for three years. Second-offense drivers will also serve a minimum 30-day jail sentence, have their license suspended for three years, and pay a fine determined by the discretion of the judge in their case.
  • Third and subsequent offenses become even more extreme. The associated fine will increase, the minimum jail sentence will increase to 120 days, and the driver will lose permanent use of their driver’s license.

Police in Ontario are trying everything they can to enforce drinking and driving laws in our province. However, reducing the number of accidents caused by intoxicated drivers will require effort from all of Ontario’s citizens. According to OPP Sargent Kerry Schmidt, “we need to make drunk driving socially unacceptable.”

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