How Safe Are Pedestrians Along Toronto’s Busy Streets?

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Pedestrian safety is at the forefront these days in and around Toronto. There are many pedestrian safety programs in place right now, in an effort to help educate pedestrians, and drivers on pedestrian safety. Remember that all pedestrians have the right of way, so please drive responsibly, and with patience when you see a pedestrian walking or crossing a street or in a parking lot.

A recent accident involving two pedestrians along one of the busiest streets in downtown Toronto reminds us how important pedestrian safety is to all of us. A vehicle collided with two pedestrians in the early morning hours. One pedestrian lost their life; the second was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The intersection was closed off briefly and the investigation is still ongoing.

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Toronto has some of the deadliest roads throughout Canada with 52% of all fatalities involving pedestrians. This is a major problem that continues to increase, so we all need to be more aware, and drive much more carefully near pedestrians.

At Cariati Law we care about the safety of all pedestrians, cyclists and motorists who share our roads on a daily basis. We want to make sure everyone arrives to his or her destination safely. Below are some a few basic safety tips for pedestrians:

  • When crossing the street make sure to use the crosswalk when available
  • Don’t jaywalk
  • Always look for traffic signals and check twice before crossing the street
  • Always stand back from the roadway when waiting to cross
  • Put away mobile devices and electronic devices when crossing the street or crosswalk.
  • Look up, not down when crossing, don’t trust that other vehicles will see you
  • Be especially careful when a curved street is near you when walking, cars can come up quickly and not see you
  • When crossing at a traffic light, cross only when the signal says go
  • Make sure you are visible to motorists
  • Pay attention to vehicle’s that are turning onto the crosswalk while making sure to make eye contact with drivers so they know you are planning on crossing.

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