Diving Accident Injures Toronto Man’s Spine

A spinal cord injury suffered after a diving accident has left a Toronto man hospitalized in serious condition. A detailed article on the accident appears here.

Beau Hayward—a 28-year-old man from Toronto—struck his head when he hit bottom while diving in a Sudbury lake. The impact shattered the man’s C5 vertebra into six pieces, cracked his C4 and C6 vertebrae, and compressed his spine—all without puncturing or severing the spinal cord.

Two of Hayward’s friends revived him after finding him floating in the water. He was rushed to a hospital in Sudbury, where surgeons removed all fragments of his fifth vertebra. He was later transferred to an acute-care hospital in Toronto. His family expects he will later be admitted to the Lyndhurst Centre—a prominent spinal cord and neurological rehabilitation facility.

Facing a Lengthy, Expensive Recovery

Hayward’s sister says he shows improvement in feeling and movement—and she has established a GoFundMe page with a $75,000 goal to help cover his expected medical expenses. “Give back to Beau Ray Hayward” has collected over $19,000 in its first two days.

The entire staff of Cariati Law knows how such injuries can change lives forever. That is why we extend our deepest well-wishes to Hayward and his family during this difficult time. We continue to hope for his speedy recovery.

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