Be Prepared for Winter Storms – The Importance of Winter Car Safety Kits

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Every winter severe winter weather conditions cause several people to end up stranded in their cars for extended periods of time. It is important for everyone who must drive in winter weather to have an emergency kit in their car to help keep them safe if they must wait for rescue to arrive.

Winter emergency kits can help you stay warm, call for help, and stay nourished if you are trapped in your car. In a dangerous situation, an emergency kit can sometimes make the difference between life and death.

Winter Car Emergency Kit Fundamentals:

Nonperishable food Items such as protein bars and granola.

Water in plastic bottles. Never use glass bottles that can shatter in freezing temperatures.

Extra clothing to keep you warm, including fresh socks and boots. In freezing conditions layering is always a good idea, it traps your body heat without causing you to sweat.

Blankets, including an emergency foil blanket that you can buy at most outdoor supply stores

Emergency chemical heat packs

Tools such as a small shovel and a flashlight

A whistle that can help alert others to your location

Roadmaps to help you pinpoint your location to potential rescuers

Candles, matches, and a wind up flashlight (that does not require batteries) to increase visibility

It is also a good idea to store kitty litter or sand in your trunk. These materials can help increase your tires traction if you are ever stuck in a snowy or icy spot. Road salt is also valuable if you find yourself trapped on a patch of ice.

Keeping these items in your car will help improve your chances for a quick and safe rescue if you are stranded in severe winter weather.

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