Ajax Pedestrian Fatally Injured Following Vehicle Collision

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Pedestrian accidents in Ontario remain a very serious problem. Recently, a 31-year-old pedestrian in Ajax, Ontario was fatally injured on Sunday evening after being struck by a car while crossing Kensington Road. Police say that witnesses told responding officers that the car was travelling east on Kensington Road, east of Salem Road, when it struck the pedestrian walking in the opposite direction. Witnesses also told Police the man had crossed the road against the red light, leaving the driver with little to no time to slow or stop their vehicle.

Recent data collected in Ontario indicates that pedestrian accidents represented:

– Approximately 8% (roughly 2,350 cases) of hospitalizations associated with transport-related injuries in Ontario.
– Nearly 11% (roughly 290 cases) of deaths associated with transport injuries in Ontario.

In 2013, The Town of Ajax adopted a “Complete Streets” policy which is aimed at preventing exactly these types of accidents. According to the organization’s website, their mission is to design “A Complete Street…for all ages, abilities, and modes of travel. On Complete Streets, safe and comfortable access for pedestrians, bicycles, transit users and the mobility-impaired is not an afterthought, but an integral planning feature.”

Since 2013, Ajax had implemented many of the safety measures this policy suggested. However, by choosing to ignore the “Don’t Walk” sign at this intersection of Kensington Road, this victim unfortunately put himself in harm’s way.

Keeping Ontario’s pedestrians and vulnerable road users safe requires the combined efforts of both education and law enforcement. To spread awareness about this issue, public safety organization Parachute Canada released a Walk Safe PSA with key messages for both children and parents. Here are some highlights to keep in mind and pass on to children, young adults, and pedestrians of all ages:

– Look Both Ways: “Stop, Look & Listen” is often the first lesson we learn about crossing the street as children. While some may take this advice for granted as they get older, it remains just as important and applicable for adults as it is for children.
– Follow Posted Traffic Signals: When approaching a crossing, always stay on the pedestrian crosswalk and stay put until the “Don’t Walk” sign is switched off.
– Remove Your Headphones: For older pedestrians, headphones and music are often an essential part of any walk or run. However, keeping your earbuds or headphones on while crossing a busy street can increase your risk of being hit and reduce your reaction time. It is crucial that you be able to hear warnings from other pedestrians or approaching vehicles. Pause the music when you cross the street.
– Get Off Your Phone: Just as texting while driving is a dangerous distraction, talking or texting when crossing the street can be just as problematic. Your text message or conversation can wait until you safely reach the other side of the road.

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