After Fatal Crash, Toronto Uber Driver Pleads Guilty to Careless Driving

Uber car

A former Uber driver in Toronto has plead guilty to careless driving in a crash that left a 28-year-old man dead. A detailed article on the case is available here.

A Tragic Loss

In March, a young man was killed when his Uber vehicle was rear-ended in the westbound lanes of Gardiner Expressway near Royal York Road. The vehicle crossed four lanes of traffic and entered the median. The victim died the following day as a result of a catastrophic neck injury.

Terrible Circumstances

Court documents indicate the Uber driver pulled over to replace his cell phone and GPS when the devices fell from their mount. The vehicle was partially obstructing live traffic when it was struck from behind. The Highway Traffic Act offence of careless driving carries a maximum $2,000 fine, driving prohibition, and probation—but no jail time. The original charges—including dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death—were withdrawn.

A Lenient Sentence

The prosecution has requested the maximum—a $2,000 fine, a two-year driving prohibition, and one year’s probation. They have also suggested a driver training safety course. The defence has asked for a $400 fine, one year’s probation, and remedial driving course. Witnesses referenced a mandatory 17-day training course for taxi and ride-share company drivers—a plan the City of Toronto abandoned in 2016. Sentencing is scheduled for December.

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