Wrongful Death Law in Quebec

There are two remedies in Quebec in regards to wrongful death claims:

Action by the Heirs: A claim may be brought about by the heirs of the deceased between the time of the incident and the time of death. All damages must be proven in a court of law. Compensation can include

A sum for temporary physical incapacity

Reimbursement of expenses

Indemnity for pain and suffering

Direct Action: A claim may be made by a person (directly related to the victim or indirectly related) who have suffered a significant loss from the victim’s death. In order to make a claim, substantial evidence must be provided. Damages can be claimed as moral or economic:

Moral damages attempt to compensate for solatium doloris, or compensation for grief and distress, can be made in the case of a wrongful death in Quebec. Evidence of damage must be proven when filing for a wrongful death claim.

Economic damages can include actual and potential financial losses.

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