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When injured by a dog bite, you need Cariati Law on your side.

Dogs can provide us with security, companionship, and unconditional love. But when an untrained dog rages out of control, it can threaten the security and health of you and your family. Dogs bite for a number of reasons.

They attack out of fear, to protect their territory, or to establish dominance. Some dog owners mistakenly teach their dogs that biting is an acceptable form of playful behavior. The good news is that in Alderwood, Ontario, Canada, dog bites can be prevented.

If you or someone you know has received a dog bite injury, contact the Alderwood, Ontario, Canada, lawyers at Cariati Law today. Our Alderwood, Ontario, Canada, dog bite lawyers would like to help.

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Alderwood is a town off of Etobicoke Creek and is named for the Alder Trees that grow nearby. Alderwood, along with several other towns, joined together to create the amalgamated City of Toronto. Because of its low commercial space and high residential area, Alderwood has been declining in population.

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