Wills & Estates

Wills & Estates 

Estate planning can be a complex and emotionally draining process to undertake. It is not easy to consider and plan for what happens after death or if incapacitated. We at Cariati Law value empathy above all while counseling our clients in the preparation of their estate. Our team offers a steady hand to guide our clients by drafting and executing the paperwork necessary to ensure that your loved ones need not be confused with legalities after your passing and can focus on grieving.  

As part of our Wills & Estate suite of services, we offer the following services, customized precisely to our clients’ wishes and directions, so that they can have peace of mind:

– Last Will and Testament;

– Continuing Power of Attorney for Property;

– Limited Power of Attorney for Property;

– Power of Attorney for Personal Care (aka Medical); and

– Precatory Memoranda for items of personal significance.

We also ensure that every client’s estate documents are accompanied by their insurance policy or policies, financial information, asset and investment registry, and related documentation. Our clients’ Estate Trustees (aka Executors) know exactly how to proceed if and when the time comes.

The Importance of Having a Will and Estate Plan

We understand it’s not a fun topic to think about, but after you’re gone, you won’t have a say in important financial matters unless you let your wishes be known. It’s All About Protecting Your Assets and The Ones You Love. Preparing a will ensures that there is someone appointed to administer your estate. A will can further that you have identified a guardian to care for any minor children in the event of your death and the death or unavailability of the surviving parent. Failure to prepare these documents can result in internal family conflict and unnecessary uncertainty for the family at an already difficult time.

What Happens in the Event of a Will or Estate Dispute?

When a will is in dispute, families can be torn apart when they should be comforting and supporting each other. If there is no will, you need the courts to handle the estate. Without a will that names an executor, no one can gain control of the estate. You will have to wait until a court appoints an estate trustee without a will.

At Cariati Law, our wills and estates lawyers will work to ensure that our clients face the least financial and emotional distress as possible. If litigation is unavoidable, our lawyers will vigorously advocate on behalf of our clients.

Trust Experience

From straightforward to the most complex situations, the lawyers at Cariati Law will create an estate plan that meets your family and tax planning objectives. 

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