Malton Medical Malpractice Lawyers

We depend greatly on the healthcare industry to keep us safe and to provide correct and precise medical care and advice.

But sometimes, hospitals, healthcare providers and pharmacists do make mistakes, and innocent children and adults suffer.

Medical malpractice can also include any professional misconduct carried out by a physician.

• Obtaining a professional license fraudulently
• Practicing the profession fraudulently or beyond its authorized scope
• Practicing while impaired by alcohol, drugs, physical disability, or mental disability
• Being a habitual abuser of alcohol, or being dependent on or a habitual user of drugs

The medical malpractice lawyers at Cariati Law will apply their distinguished skills to research and determine how your medical injury occurred and conclude whom, if anyone, was at fault. Our lawyers will explain the technical aspects of each case in an understandable manner in order for our clients to understand.

Please contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation medical malpractice consultation. You have a legal right to compensation. Let Cariati Law help you get what you deserve.

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