August, 2019

23 Aug 2019

Newer Technology Hailed for Keeping Motorists Safer

As technology continues to advance, so does auto safety features. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, most drivers with advanced safety technologies reported that these features helped to prevent…

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20 Aug 2019

What to Know About School Zone Laws in Ontario

As the beginning of the school year is upon us, there are different things to keep in mind in order to remain safe – and keep our children safe –…

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12 Aug 2019

The Impact of Technology on Personal Injury Claims

There’s no denying that technology is rapidly changing every day – so quickly, that it can be difficult for the law to keep up. Personal injury lawyers are keeping their…

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05 Aug 2019

Personal Floatation Devices Play Big Role in Saving Lives

As the end of the summer keeps moving closer, the weather is only getting hotter. This means more time in the water. And while there are few better ways to…

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