March, 2019

28 Mar 2019
Football Player

New Youth Football Format Could Reduce Brain Injuries

TackleBar—a new format for youth football—could potentially reduce the risk of concussion injuries among young players. A detailed article about the growing popularity of this emerging sport is available here….

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25 Mar 2019
Family Biking

Spring Returns… and Bicyclists Get Ready

The warm, inviting weather of a Toronto spring is not far away. We’re about to enter the prime time for bicyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts to take to the streets….

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18 Mar 2019
Man driving

Autonomous Vehicles: What Will the Future Bring?

The likelihood of highways becoming populated by fully autonomous vehicles is not as far away as most people once thought. Vehicle manufacturers, tech companies, and entrepreneurs fully expect fully autonomous…

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07 Mar 2019
TBI Scan

Raising Awareness of Brain Injuries in March

Across Canada, March is National Brain Awareness Month. As always, the staff of Cariati Law supports any efforts to help prevent brain injury. In recognition of this health awareness campaign, the Saskatchewan…

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